Red Alert: Social Media in 2024

Anybody who thinks one judge will stop Democrats from using social media to cheat in elections needs to wake up.

Recently a judge stopped portions of the Biden administration from using social media to blatantly influence elections. You know, like Democrats used Facebook and Twitter in the overthrow of Trump. Think it will work?

I suggest you look at Republican wins. Like abortion. With the overturning of Roe v Wade, one would think abortions are down. Oh, and women have no control of their bodies. I looked it up.

Abortions are not down. Here is what Axios reported:

Nationwide, legal abortions have fallen about 3% in the year since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and the ruling’s aftershocks are still reverberating through American health care, politics and culture.

Where it stands: Abortion access has effectively disappeared in some parts of the country as Republican lawmakers act on decades of promises to impose near-total bans if they could.

        • Clinics in some blue states have seen enormous influxes of new patients, many of them crossing state lines.
        • Planned Parenthood of Illinois — a blue island in the Midwest’s sea of red — has seen a 54% jump in abortion patients over the past year, Axios’ Tina Reed, Oriana González and Torey Van Oot reported.

Don’t believe the abortion hype. The numbers were dropping prior to the overturn of Roe v Wade.

The chart on the Left shows a peak in abortions in 1990. After that, one can clearly see the steady decline in abortions.

Both figures show an uptick around 2020, with abortion gaining 1.5% over the previous year. Thus, the actual growth in abortions post-Roe v Wade is more likely around 1.5% given the trajectory.

Apparently, women are having no problem getting abortions, though some may have been more inconvenienced.

As for the control of all of their bodies, I looked for statistics on prostitution. Unfortunately the government doesn’t seem to be tracking them. Probably because far too many of them would lead to Hunter Biden. Nevertheless, I think it is safe to say that prostitution statistics are holding steady at least. And if Joe Biden gets a second term (don’t worry, he won’t), then Hunter may keep that business alive single-handedly.

Back to social media.

With respect to Hunter Biden, recall how much Leftist social media prevented any discussion of his malfeasance. Moreover, they ran interference with the FBI, perhaps even the CIA on all that the Biden crime family was involved in.

That collusion continues. But on the flip side, the Gestapo social media promoted multiple lies about Donald Trump, guns, and illegals crossing the border, to name a few. The easier thing to ask is: “What didn’t Leftist social media lie about?”

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Do I really need to bring up COVID?

From cradle to thankful grave, COVID and the vaccine lies are far too many to discuss. Leftists intentionally altered death stats from the disease. Then sadly performed government-sanctioned murder of people with COVID hospital protocols that all but guaranteed death for anybody admitted to the hospital. The government actually put a bounty on people sick with COVID, and hospitals lined up for the money.

But if you think social media colluded with the government on the virus, consider what they did with the “vaccines”.

Crucial VAERS data dismissed, for starters. Social media banned real experts in the sciences of virology and epidemiology, preferring to promote charlatans like Fauci.

What else have Democrats demagogued for no reason?

How about police killing of blacks? Say the wrong thing about black dying, and get banned. Don’t promote drug-addicted counterfeiter George Floyd as the modern-day trans Rosa Parks, and the Left will pound you into the dirt.

To hear the Left discuss blacks killed by police, one would be amazed that any blacks remain in America. Some politicians claim that police actual “hunt” blacks. Others have called killing blacks by police an “epidemic”.

I think I’ve made my point. So what to do?

There is only one thing that will save Conservatives in the next election cycle. Use- in the most egregious sense of the word, use the Gestapo social media.

We must support each other on Facebook and Twitter.

Then most importantly, start supporting Conservative social media. While Truth Social may be the most well-known, Wimkin is one of the best.


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