Store Clerks Give Street Justice to this Thief (Video)

In one of the most fun videos I’ve seen in a while, fed up store owners took matters into their own hands.

When this thief tried ripping them off of thousands of dollars in cigarettes and lottery tickets, these men struck back.

In the video they are seen whooping the thief’s ass as another customer films it.

At the beginning of the video the thief confidently begins raiding the store. He brazenly entered the store with a trash bin. So the man prepared to rip off the store.

As the man steals, he threatens the store clerks. At multiple points the man pulls out what appears to be a weapon.

The customer filming seems to be requesting help, asking “Can I get a Swisher?” Later you hear the man filming say, “Just let him go. Ain’t nothin’ you can do.”

He repeats that the clerks can do nothing. He even asks, “Do you have insurance?” As if that’s the remedy?

The man filming continues to explain that there’s nothing the clerks can do, and then one of the clerks confronts the man. While that was happening, the first clerk goes off frame (left), and returns with a broom handle.

The fun part.

While one clerk holds the man down, the other begins to give the thief a broom-handle beat down.

Swinging from the south of Delhi, this man hammers the thief with the broom handle, repeatedly. Frankly, I’m shocked the man holding the thief didn’t incur damage. But apparently he didn’t, as he can be heard to say, “No, hit him again,” as the thief begs for mercy.

At this point, the man rolls over onto his stomach, exposing his buttocks. Now the blows were going firmly across the man’s butt. The filmmaker can be heard saying, “That’s call whooping your ass”.

Admittedly, I love this part of the video. It reminded me of the well-deserve butt-whoopings I got as a child. But as the Bible says, [pp] “When I was a child, I thought as a child, acted as a child. But when I became I man, I gave up my childish ways”.

In other words, you must outgrow childish nonsense or get ass-whoopings as an adult. This thief acted like a child and those clerks play “Daddy” and whooped his ass.

The justice system refuses to act

Gavin Newsom and other Leftists prefer to allow criminals to become the victims. And you can bet the ACLU and other Leftists see this video very differently than real Americans.

Note at the end of the video, they debate on whether to call the cops. Why? Because in California, they would be considered the bad guys.

Don’t be surprised to learn that these two clerks get sued. And rest assured that some bleeding heart racist white Leftist will lead the charge in the lawsuit.

Can’t go having the bad guy not get paid, and the good guys not being punished, now can they?

These men acted as they should have. A lesson needed to be taught to this petty criminal. Imagine how bold he would be later, if they hadn’t acted?

The good ol’ days.

Remember when shoplifting was done with stealth? When you pilfered one, maybe two items. Most of the time it was just for fun. And hopefully if you did shoplift, you outgrew it.

We live now in a time when brazen robberies occur. Like in this case, which could have easily gone very wrong. Remember that Michael Brown Jr got killed by a police officer when he was confronted for stealing wrapping papers.

In the real world, Michael Brown Jr is still alive. Because he wouldn’t have stolen those wrapping papers. And the vagrant in this video could have avoided an ass-kicking par excellent.




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