WH Spokesperson Bolts when asked about Joe Biden’s ties to Hunter

What must it be like to work for the crooked Joe Biden administration? Waking up daily for the moment-to-moment fire drills.

To represent the buffoon posing as America’s legitimate president, a bungling fool who demonstrates who so many Americans recognize him as a muttering Dingbat-in-Charge must be daunting. Worse, Biden uses his Affirmative Action riff-raff to cover for his messes.

As Jeff Charles described,

Karine Jean-Pierre bolts faster than a cat at bath time when asked about President Joe Biden’s interactions with Hunter’s business partners.

Partial transcript:

“Why did the president interact with so many of his son’s foreign business associates?” the reporter asked. “More than half the voters told CNN they believed the president was involved and he lied.”

While the journalist asked the question, Jean-Pierre responded: “And with that folks…” and then flew out of the room like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

If you ask me, it looks as if Democrats are running out of ideas for how to handle the constant scandal.

Sadly, this guy is probably right— the idea of a loyal politician isn’t exactly a bright one. An outright bid would be cheaper in the long run.

And that folks is what we’ve been saying all along. Joey “Demento” Biden wears the biggest set of clown shoes in the country, and he’s so brain-dead, he thinks it’s a pair of classic Oxfords.


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