Biden Administration: World’s largest funder of terrorism

and the WH spin to the contrary

You must appreciate the nuance of the Biden administration on its releasing of $6B to help Iran fund terrorism.

The recent attack by Hamas on Israel has the sane world scratching its head on Joe Biden. His administration pretends not to recognize Iran as the epicenter of terrorism. The rest of the world seems to know it.

I have documented the rise in terror attacks once Iran was surrendered to the Ayatollahs in 1980. It’s uncanny how terrorism evolved from that region, and how many terror attacks now occur routinely around the world. And Patient Zero is Iran.

Iran’s terror activities caused President Trump to implement harsh measures in dealing with the rogue nation. And Trump’s policies worked.

Like when then-President Trump decided to dispatch an Iranian general for the regime’s murder of two Americans.

President Trump retaliated against Iran for their killing of 2 Americans less than a week ago.

Kurdistan news reported:

U.S. strikes back at IRAN backed Kataib Hezbollah militia group after 2 American troops killed in Iraq

As Iran found out, Trump doesn’t play. But things differed dramatically with Biden.

Joe Biden came by his anti-America-pro-Iranian policy honestly. He got it from his boss.

As I wrote at the time, President Trump rightfully blamed the explosion of terrorism on the person responsible: Barack Obama.

President Trump didn’t mince words: Obama is to blame for Iran’s extended reign of terror. Unlike his predecessors, President Trump isn’t afraid to attack Obama for his policies.

Review Obama’s foreign policy screw ups with Iran to get an idea of whose side this man was really on.

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Let’s begin in 2011:

In that year under the watchful eye of Obama, Iran captured an American drone. They then publicly displayed the drone like ISIS cutting off the head of an American serviceman. Christian Science Monitor wrote:

Hours after Iran state TV displayed the cream-colored American bat-wing RQ-170 “Sentinel” drone – its undercarriage hidden by banners of a US flag, with stars replaced by skulls and marked with anti-US slogans – Iranian officials said the spy craft was proof of enduring US hostility toward Iran.

“Iran will target all US military bases around the world,” in case of further violations, warned conservative lawmaker Mohammad Kossari today. Iran’s response would be “terrifying.”

US officials confirmed with “high confidence” that the drone displayed by Iran is almost certainly the one reported lost last by US forces in Afghanistan last week. It was on an intelligence mission to hunt evidence in Iran of nuclear weapons work.

This drone was so intact, that one has to wonder if Obama didn’t order his sissified military to land the plane directly in Tehran. As we’ve said all along, it was quite the clever money laundering scam.

In this latest ransom paid for American hostages, look at the details of the negotiation.

Joe Biden traded 5 Americans for 5 Iranians. That should have been enough. However, Biden added a couple of things to sweeten the deal:

  1. Biden gave the Iranians $6B
  2. Biden lifted Trump-era sanctions against Iran.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I believe Iran has the goods on Biden. Because who in their right mind…oh, nevermind.

Understand that along with being a horrible politicians, Biden is compromised. Iran (and other countries) seized on the lack of leadership in the United States. In the case of Iran, they quickly revived their terror machine with the financing of the Biden administration.

I don’t think the American public wants our money going to fund terror attacks on our partners. Nor do we want our money being used to KILL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

So now Democrats attempt to spin the story.

GRIFFIN: “NSC spokesperson Adrienne Watson said in a statement: ‘Not a single cent from these funds has been spent yet. And when it is spent, it can only be spent on things like food and medicine for the Iranian people. These funds have absolutely nothing to do with the horrific attacks today and this is not the time to spread disinformation.'”

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