Democrats say that Joe Biden is the picture of health

but these videos suggest otherwise

Joe Biden is the picture of health. At least that’s what his Leftist handlers want Americans to believe about the faux president.

The reason Democrats attempt this Kabuki theater with Biden involves his many missteps on, well…steps. Or stairs, if you prefer.

You likely seen at least one of the many videos of Biden tripping, mostly on stairs. However, Biden trips on chords, sandbags, and invisible items as well. In fact, Biden trips so much, that Leftists tried remaking Biden.

Democrats now feature Biden’s youth and vitality. Ironically, Leftist Democrats pretend that an 80-year-old buffoon represents the picture of health.

Check out this video of Joe Biden approaching a podium.

Note the playful jog Biden portrays. He jogs, then stops to salute. Then starts that “youthful” jog again. Next, the brisk walk of a man in his 40s, and the photo-op handshake that denotes vigor. Then after all that, Biden approaches his nemesis: the steps up to the podium.

Sunglasses notwithstanding, you can almost see the fear in Biden’s eyes as he approaches the three ferocious steps up to the podium.

Biden’s team no doubt briefed him about the stairs; how to handle them. And you have to imagine him remembering the key phrase from the briefing: “Don’t trip!”

Normal people just walk up and down stairs, rarely tripping. But not Biden.

And like clockwork, Biden blew it.

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The staff prepared for Biden to fail. And despite his dementia, Biden remembered the briefing that happened only minutes earlier: if (when) you trip, act like it’s no big deal.

Biden cleverly played off his tripping, waving to the sparse crowd of likely paid onlookers.

So Biden is physically damaged, and his handlers are attempting damage control. But what of his mental problems?

In this video, Biden looks right and waves. Normal for such an event. But when he looks left, Jill Biden appears to help him off stage.

Why was Jill needed? Biden has exited the stage thousands of times without helpers. And it’s not like Jill Biden was in the program. Nor was she taking the stage after Joe.

Sadly, the truth is that Joe Biden needs help just getting off the stage. And I have heard that the Democrats hired a person who sole job is to make sure Joe Biden doesn’t trip.

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