Biden’s Latest Challenger Poses a Huge Threat

Since when does a (fake) president who got 81 million votes get  challengers for his (fake) second term?

It happened almost immediately after Biden got shoe-horned into office during the coup of Trump. Any Leftists paying attention licked their chops.

The braindead Biden who had more skeletons than Roman catacombs left blood in the water in short order. Democrat hopefuls watched as Biden “campaigned” from the dungeons. They needed to only take a wait-and-see approach. And Biden didn’t disappoint once he started to govern.

An economy in triage and America on the brink of war, Biden provided SNAFU: situation normal all f*cked up.

RFK, Jr started the anti-Biden fiesta.

Some believe RFK’s entry into the race could hurt President Trump in his bid for his rightful second term. However I disagree.

Kennedy’s defection caused Democrats to scurry, since Kennedy could (and would) pull votes from Biden. That’s why Democrats more than nudged Kennedy to declare as an Independent.

I predicted a while back what’s happening now. I explained that Kennedy would be non-plus in this election had it not been for his iconic name. But more importantly, Kennedy was the first person to start dancing at the picnic. And the first person dancing looks rather silly. But then the second person dancing causes the party. Because everybody will dance after this.

Well, the dancing has begun.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) announced Thursday he is running for president against President Biden. In hearing the announcement, I chuckled and recalled a previous interview Phillips gave on Meet the Press.

During that interview, Phillips declared his undying love for Biden, while throwing Biden from the train. Because I understand the language of Leftard, I recognized what Phillips actually said.

In this interview, Phillips declared that the majority of Democrats want a competition, not a coronation.

Since when has a Democrat or any politician not backed the incumbent to whom you have given such glowing praise?

Phillips spilled the beans on what happened in 2020, ergo the cheat. Because why would Phillips want to replace the man who got more votes than any other president in history? Further, the man who by Phillips’ own account has done a great job?

Phillips knows what all Democrats and people with actual brains know: Biden is the worst person to have ever been placed in the Oval Office. Moreover, the sitting president is demented and have the world in shambles.

At the time of the Meet the Press interview Phillips pretended that he was not the right person to challenge Biden. And that there are others in his party more ready and potentially willing. This interview showcased political theater. Phillips saw his chance to leapfrog other Democrats, and so he took the leap.

Now, he said to CBS News’ Robert Costa,

“I will not sit still, I will not be quiet in the face of numbers that are so clearly saying that we’re going to be facing an emergency next November.”

The three-term Representative filed Thursday with the FEC to officially become a candidate. Expect the floodgates to open soon. And for all the reasons I’ve stated in numerous articles here as well as on my radio show.

Give this card to one of your Democrats friends for Christmas

If Biden is so good, why the challenge?

“I think President Biden has done a spectacular job for our country. But it’s not about the past,” Phillips said. “This is an election about the future.”

This statement is complete and utter bull. But it echoes what Gavin Newsom said about Biden.

The video begins at 0:24 where Newsom says, “We need to move past this notion that he’s not going to run”, in speaking of Biden.

That statement verifies what I have been saying for over a year: Biden will NOT be the Democrats’ nominee for 2024.

I wrote recently of Newsom’s visit to China, and explained that Newsom has been coronated as the Democrats’ nominee.

This is why Phillips jumped into the fray.

Time to force Democrats to take a stand. So here’s what I predict will happen.

Things will heat up on Joe Biden to such a degree he admits his injury. He will drop out of the race for medical reasons. Kamala Harris will put up a small fight, since she will be president for a minute. But the powers-that-be will make her aware that her political career ends there.

Newsom will be the Democrats’ “chosen one”, and others will fight for scraps.

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