BIG FAIL: Biden’s Youth Makeover

The desperate Democrats and more specifically the Biden campaign show just how bad things are with Joe Biden in this move.

They want to rework the big guy. And laughably so.

In hopes of continuing the destruction of America, Biden’s team proposes to make the old fart into a new and improved old fart. A presidential Armageddon.

As the New York Post writes,

A stumble-prone President Biden is taking urgent steps to prevent further embarrassing falls ahead of next year’s election — including working with a physical therapist to improve his balance, wearing tennis shoes and using shorter stairs on Air Force One.


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Wait, what?

Physical therapist? The man who challenges objectors to doing pushups has to have a physical therapist…to improve his balance.

Next, he’s wearing tennis shoes? It’s not like the old clown is walking around in heels. He’s walking in flats, and still trips over invisible dead people.

Finally, Biden is using shorter stairs to board Air Force One. Because he can’t seen taking the longer stairs where he now routinely falls up the stairs. Last time I checked, climbing stairs is considered exercise.

Biden: looking old, feeling old

Biden’s team is said to be determined to protect the 80-year-old president from taking yet another spill in public.

If Biden trips over another imaginary sandbag, he is toast.

A recent poll showed that three-quarters of Americans consider him too old to serve a second term in office.

Democrats knew this was coming. So since November 2021, Biden has been meeting with physical therapist Drew Contreras to perform exercises meant to improve his balance. It hasn’t helped.

According to his therapist, Biden has been doing the exercises most mornings. They call his regime, “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers”, which is just a fancy term for “we hope we can keep the decrepit fart on is feet”. Here is the link to Biden’s health summary released in February. Don’t bother looking for any cognitive information on Biden.

The next part of “youthanizing” Biden–pun intended–involves Biden using a shorter flight of stairs on Air Force One. They decided on this course of action after the public noticed several awkward stumbling mishaps when Biden uses the higher flight deck.

In March 2021, Biden tripped three times. In all occasions, Biden buckled and ultimately fell to his knees, while going up the longer staircase leading to the presidential plane.

A similar incident occurred in February of this year, when Biden lost his footing. Again, Biden stumbled while going upstairs onto Air Force One to leave Poland.

Sadly for Biden, shorts steps don’t matter. When you can’t keep your balance, you just fall on shorter steps. And as people have noted, even the shorter, 14-step staircase has proven to be a challenge for Biden. Biden took the short stairs before flying out to Helsinki, Finland in July, and again stumbled and had to brace himself.

The Biden people try to play this off as public paranoia.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates dismissed the Axios report as fitting “an unfortunate pattern of media attempting to sensationalize something that has long been public.”

He did say something legit, adding “This isn’t new. It was proactively and transparently disclosed.”

Ok, only part of what he said is true; the part about this not being new. Indeed, this is old news. News wholly ignored the obvious physical and mental issues with Biden.

As for “transparency disclosed”, that’s up to us. Conservative America doesn’t ignore reality. We’ve sounded the alarm bell since the 2020 coup. I don’t know the timeline, but I do know that Biden has run out of lifelines.

No remake will revive his political career.



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