BREAKING: Democrats Knew FBI Covered for Bidens

Surprise. Democrats knew the Bidens needed to be investigated. Ok, so you’re likely not surprised.

And I hate to break it to you, but Hunter Biden is not a Renaissance painter, but just a plain old crackhead who ran the Biden family enterprise. More on what else the Democrats may have lied about in a bit. But let’s look at this new lie revelation.

The House Oversight Committee X’d:

Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady’s testimony CONFIRMS Ranking Member Raskin LIED about the FBI’s Biden Bribery Record.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office uncovered enough indicia of credibility of the evidence and recommended further investigative steps to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware.

Statement from Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady  “My understanding of Mr. Raskin’s public statements is that, based on the determination that I and my team found the allegations in the 1023 not credible or other information not credible, we did not escalate the assessment to a limited or full investigation,”

Brady said. “That’s not true.”

The comments on this thread speak volumes.

The most prevalent comment asked how do politicians get away with lying? And we aren’t talking small lies, but consequential lies. Democrats tell gargantuan lies.

The second most prevalent comment explained how Raskins seems to be the designated liar for the Bidens. Democrats corrupt everything we hold holy. Like the FBI.

Along with proving Raskin to be a liar, Brady confirmed the difficult relationship he had with the FBI. Brady accused the FBI of refusing to truly investigate anything related to the soon-to-be confirmed corruption surrounding the Biden family.

“It was a challenging working relationship,” Brady said of the FBI in testimony earlier this week that was reviewed by Just the News. “I think there was reluctance on the part of the FBI to really do any tasking related to our assignment from DAG Rosen and looking into allegations of Ukrainian corruption broadly and then specifically anything that intersected with Hunter Biden and his role in Burisma. It was very challenging.”

This information would be enough to torpedo any Republican or Conservative candidate. However, Leftists have no souls. They would gladly overlook issues related to the crooked Biden family. 

In a stunning revelation, Brady confirmed in his testimony that the FBI never told his office about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Nor did they confirm it was real. Recall that the FBI had Hunter’s laptop as early as 2019. Further, they had confirmed its authencity.

Brady was critical of the FBI, noting the bureau never told his office it had Hunter Biden’s laptop and had corroborated its contents even as DOJ prosecutors investigated the Ukraine allegations.

“I would have thought that would be something, especially as has been publicly reported, there’s information relating to Hunter Biden’s activities on the board of Burisma in Ukraine, that might have been helpful in our assessment of the information that we were receiving about him. I would have expected that be shared,” he said.

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The evidence against ALL the Biden crime family is crystal clear. Even more importantly, the evidence against the FBI is equally compelling.

On the single point of not revealing Hunter Biden’s laptop, the entirety of FBI leadership should be fired. Add to this the fact that the FBI knew Hunter Biden’s laptop was not Russian disinformation.

Summary: the FBI hid evidence on and for the Bidens, and ignored all leads.

Christopher Wray should be booted from his position and not allowed to serve in law enforcement in any capacity. So how in the hell Republicans do not get this man kicked out of the bureau is beyond me.

And what of Raskin?

Did he lie for sport? Or was Raskin a patsy; fed the disinformation? Regardless, what we know for sure is Democrats established a cabal. And there are many co-conspirators.



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