BREAKING: New Speaker of the House

The idea that radical racist Democrat Hakeem Jeffries could have been elected Speaker of the House with a Republican majority should wake up all Americans.

We narrowly escaped Leftism in a time when Leftism should be in the catacombs. Dead, even if not buried.

The House has a new Speaker. Finally, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives successfully elected the 56th Speaker of the House. The finale comes on the heels of multiple rounds of unsuccessful ballots and withdrawn nominations. In the end, Republicans selected Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana to lead the lower chamber.

More on the vote in just a bit. Let’s look at Mike Johnson and his significance.

Mike Johnson is a Trumpster. And Trump helped his ascension to the speakership after Rep. Tom Emmer (Minn.), dropped out of the race. Why? Trump destroyed him. And although Trump said on Truth Social that he would stay out of the race and won’t endorse anyone, he in effect helped select Johnson. Trump nudged Republicans with his “strong suggestion” to vote for Johnson. He advised, “get it done, fast!”


MSNBC said of Johnson,

Johnson, a fervent Trump defender, was dubbed “the most important architect of the Electoral College objections” by the New York Times, presenting a fall-back option to Republicans who wanted to vote against certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election, but were wary of Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud, by suggesting some states loosened their voting rules unconstitutionally during the pandemic—an argument largely rejected by courts.

Back to the vote:

The congressman won the nomination with 128 votes. Politico reported that all but three members present at Tuesday’s GOP conference meeting reportedly said they would vote for Johnson in a formal election on the House floor. Because 22 Republicans were absent from the roll call vote, some wondered if Johnson would get enough votes to get the gavel.

The final tally counted, Johnson landed the role with 220 votes. In what should be sacrilege in a Republican-controlled House, Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) received 209.

Democrats now must remove the GOP from its whipping post and return to face the music.

Joe Biden really is crazy enough to start more wars. He’s currently overseeing two wars that he authorized. And it looks like we may soon be at war with Iran. Luckily we have the new and improved LGBTQ+-approved military.

But since Biden isn’t long for the role of president, Democrats will soon deal with his pardon. As I’ve said, Kamala Harris will have only one job: pardon everybody who took part in the coup against Trump, and the Bidens for selling out America. Ok, that’s two jobs.

After that, Harris’ job ends, and Trump will get his rightful second term.

The world will be back in order, as it is today with the new Speaker.

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