Democrats: Biden’s Age and Senility is an Asset

Democrats can and will spin anything. As I said on my radio show, if Biden ran around the White House lawn in Depends sucking his thumb, Democrats would declare it a new fashion style.

By now all Americans should feel empowered admit the truth. Anybody who voted for Biden is a f*cking moron. Almost all Americans feel this way. And if you are one of the few Americans immune to Bidenflation or other Biden destruction in the American economy, you are but one degree of separation from sufferers.

In a time where Democrats and Biden should be embarrassed for his performance, some bonehead simpletons continue to sing Biden’s praises.

Tom Elliott referenced one such simpleton. In a recent interview Cornel Belcher claims that ““Biden’s even better positioned than Obama.

He then equated Biden’s senility to wisdom. He lauds Biden for his “transformative pieces of legislation no president has ever been able to do before”


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In what warped world must Belcher live to believe this abject nonsense?

To rationalize his position, Belcher says essentially, “Forget the polls.” These would be the polls that had Biden in a statistical tie with Trump only a week ago, and now more readily show much closer to real numbers?

These polls show Biden struggling mightily. In a theoretical (non-cheating) race, Biden loses to Trump, Haley and even Senator Tim Scott.

Yet, Belcher proclaims, this is good news:

“If you look at where Biden is right now, it’s not that dramatically different from where the president campaign who I worked on at this time going into 2011, right?

Obama was running behind Mitt Romney and basically tied or running behind the whole cast of characters who were running at that time.”

Actually no. Romney had Obama beat. And I maintain Romney actually won the 2012 election. Understand that Obama was in dire straits. In a fair election, Obama was a one-term president.

Biden has indeed suffered in recent polls, with ones showing the closest to reality we’ve seen in years. But nothing has changed.

For years, a majority of Americans believe he either does not possess the mental faculties or is simply too old to serve a second term in the White House.

Reagan turned age in his favor with a famous quip. But Biden is no Reagan.


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