Gavin Newsom is Unelectable After this Stunt

Gavin Newsom is unelectable. And Democrats know that Newsom should never hold public office again. But that won’t stop them.

Democrats love their conmen. And Newsom rates as one of the best. Like with Biden, Newsom hopes the powers-that-be will cheat him to the presidency for the ultimate con.

Ready for the obvious? Newsom craves higher office for higher power.

I wrote recently about Newsom having screwed his best friend and campaign manager’s wife. A long-term affair that Newsom only regretted after getting caught. The spoiled rich kid who believes everything in the world is for his taking, including the presidency. And I do mean “the taking”.

Because Newsom cannot win a legitimate presidential election. And not just because he will screw over his wife, his best friends, or his constituents. Newsom wears his ego like a 70’s pimp wears a mink coat and a fedora.

In his recent visit to China to gain bona fides for foreign policy, Newsom showcased an ego brighter than ten thousand suns.

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Check out the picture his office released as Newsom posed at the Great Wall of China. As one commenter said of photo:

The Great Wall and Gavin Newsom’s ego are both visible from space.

Newsom’s staff released this picture of him. You could bet dollars to dog turds that Newsom approved this Glamour Shot of himself.

I love the rolled-up sleeves. Newsom tries to look as if he’s just done a hard days work, as he looks over his domain. The man is scripted to the point of ridiculous.

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My favorite tweet mocking Princess Gavin shows the outcome of his policies as mayor of San Francisco shows a man taking a dump on a San Francisco street:


My next favorite comment came from one of my X friends. She too referenced the Glamour Shot, but also had a take on the sunglasses:

Biden to Newsom: “So you took my Aviators!”

The Aviators isn’t all Newsom wants, Joe. He wants your job!

Next, Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota have a clever take on X regarding Newsom’s visit to China:

I predicted months ago that Newsom will declare for the presidency.


Newsom made news recently by addressing a real issue. The de-Leftization of San Francisco.

In an unforeseen development, California Governor Gavin Newsom has deployed the National Guard to assist in the policing and cleanup efforts of Democrat-run San Francisco.

As Trending Politics writes:

Newsom unveiled the unprecedented collaboration between the California Highway Patrol (CHP), California National Guard (CalGuard), San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), and the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office (SFDA) to combat the escalating fentanyl crisis in the city. This move comes as a dramatic response to the severity of the situation, highlighting the urgency with which the state government is addressing the issue.

Newsom said his administration will focus on “dismantling fentanyl trafficking and disrupting the supply of the deadly drug in the city by holding the operators of large-scale drug trafficking operations accountable.”

“Two truths can coexist at the same time: San Francisco’s violent crime rate is below comparably sized cities like Jacksonville and Fort Worth—and there is also more we must do to address public safety concerns, especially the fentanyl crisis,”  Newsom said.

Also noted in the article is Newsom addressing crime in San Francisco. He would never do this unless he were going to run for president.

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I’d love to think Democrats are smart enough to avoid Newsom.

He could easily be the lovechild of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in terms of his politicking. Honestly, Newsom is far worse than either, especially Bill Clinton.

America doesn’t need any more empty suits. We need real representatives who won’t get drunk on power. And we certainly don’t need a two-time loser like Newsom.

San Francisco became a cesspool under his leadership, as has the state of California. America needs better leadership, and not social climbers who would sell us out at the drop of a hat.



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