The Hidden Secrets in Biden’s Horrible Approval Numbers

We almost find ourselves at the point where the Left can’t hide the demise of Joe Biden. But one must still know where to look.

In 2020, the people who decided Biden would be president played all the tricks and fudged all the numbers. They convinced some Americans that Biden’s poll numbers put him ahead of Trump. That was total BS then, but things are far worse now. Because Biden finds no solace in any poll.

Let me put this simple: Biden’s polling sucks in every statistical category.

Even if you didn’t have the stellar first term of President Trump to compare Biden, Biden registers as the worst president in American history. Some might believe that Biden brought decency to the White House. But one thing he certainly did not bring is Decency’s sister: competency.

It’s become cliche to speak of Biden as a brain-dead moron. However, that’s what he is.

Biden’s do-nothing record as Senator and VP should have disqualified him from further public humiliation. But the best the Democrats could garner when considering who to replace Trump in the coup is a pathological liar who uses his crack and sex-addicted son to run the family’s corrupt business.

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No more hiding in the basement. Biden must face the public, limited it may be. But that’s all the public needs to assess Biden.

Whenever he appears publicly, Americans are treated to freak show. Further, Biden now has a record. And sadly for him, the muscle-memory of riding Trump’s coattail for a year ended. Year Two marked the beginning of The Biden Era–a period that marked the worst economy in decades.

Hard to believe that Biden could dig a deeper hold, but his foreign policy achieves that. Biden ruined Trump’s foreign policy exploits. Trump made America independent of foreign oil. Biden colluded with other governments to ruin America’s energy sector. And that’s just for starters.

The border is a disaster, and America on the brink of World War III.

For these reasons, Biden’s approval rating among Democrats has fallen to its lowest of his presidency, according to a new Gallup poll.

Biden’s approval rating within his own party declined 11 points over the past month, falling to 75 percent, according to a Thursday Gallup poll. Frankly, I’m not buying that 86 percent of Democrats approved of Biden at any point. I’ve pointed out many times that during the Coup of 2020, after every Democrat dropped out of the primary, Joe Biden didn’t get more than 85 percent in any state. And in Georgia running unopposed got less than 60 percent of the Democrat vote. If these polls were truthful, I suspect Biden might be in the high 60s of approval from Democrats, at best.

Among Independent voters, Biden’s approval rating fell four points to 35 percent. But, it get worse.

Overall, Biden’s approval rating slipped to 37 percent, a four-point decline since September, according to Gallop. His approval rating among Republicans remains unchanged, remaining at 5 percent. Seriously Republicans who approve of Biden? Just leave the party, please.

The reason given for Biden’s new numbers astounds me.

“Biden’s immediate and decisive show of support for Israel following the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas appears to have turned off some in his own party, resulting in Democrats’ worst assessment of the president since he took office,” the Gallup poll states. “Biden’s overall approval rating likewise matches his personal low.”

Biden’s support of Israel is the least of his worries.

Biden’s second war involving Israel notwithstanding, it’s the possibility of another war that has Americans wondering about Joe Biden the warrior queen. But the biggest issue for Americans remains the economy.

Bidenomics crushes all but the upper class. And 80 percent of Americans feel the strain of Joe Biden, daily. Bidenflation has broken the back of the middle class. But Joe Biden’s not doing too badly, and Americans notice this dichotomy.

Leftist policies on immigration, education, and energy to name a few have all been disasters. Biden owns all of this. And based on my perceptions, things are about to get worse for Biden.

Gallop explained:

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict comes at a time when Americans remain pessimistic about the economy, the Biden administration is struggling to deal with increasing numbers of migrants attempting to enter the country, and debate continues about how much aid to provide to Ukraine in its war with Russia.”

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While this new conflict hasn’t helped Biden, bigger problems loom.

For example, he now faces new challengers, as Congressman Dean Phillips joins RFK, Jr to primary Joe Biden. And while neither of these two men offer a serious challenge, the heir-apparent Gavin Newsom will soon declare, which will signal the final chapter for Joe Biden.

Next, the reason Biden will be forced into retirement involves his crooked family enterprise. Revelations are coming that will destroy Biden, unless he leaves in advance. And it won’t be the Republicans who offer Biden an ultimatum with only one outcome.

Democrats don’t want to share that little secret.


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