FLASHBACK: How the Bidens Conducted their Crooked Business

Now that we moved a step closer to proving what all of America and the world knows, let’s reflect on how we got here.

First, we got news of the check James Biden wrote to “Hunter’s uncle’s brother”.

While the Left figure out how to spin this, understand that they can’t. As I wrote at the time,

If Joe Biden made his brother a loan, let’s see the record of the loan being made. Did Joe Biden drop a pallet of cash as James’ back door in the middle of the night?

I suspect this “loan repayment” is simply a…PAYMENT.

Now back to how we got here.

Apparently Joe Biden’s secret email account was well-known among the scoundrels who kept him and Hunter out of trouble.

Meet Alexander Mackler, the Delaware prosecutor who worked in the office that is now prosecuting Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” revealed that Mackler sent messages to one of the secret email addresses set up by Joe Biden.

Mackler, 40, is a Biden family friend and worked as a prosecutor in the Delaware US Attorney’s office from August 2016 through May 2019. No surprise that Mackler’s tenure coincided with the office’s probe into Hunter’s shady overseas dealings.

One of the emails shows Mackler wrote to Joe at the address [email protected]. Thus, we know now that people in the Bidens’ inner circle knew to communicate with Joe Biden at the secret email and not his official government email which could provide oversight.

One could argue that this was a personal matter, right. Fine. But under the circumstances we should ensure that the Bidens did not use their personal emails for influence peddling in their shady deals. And who better than Mackler?

Delaware got a new attorney general after the death of Beau Biden. And in her new role, Kathy Jennings promptly ran interference for the Biden crime family. She dutifully appointed Alexander Mackler as Chief Deputy Attorney General in January 2019, a man who had served as deputy counsel to then-Vice President Joe Biden between 2014 and 2016.

Say it Ain’t So, Joe

How about this for irony, as Mackler’s job under Jennings focused on criminal justice reform. One should note that in every country where Joe Biden and his family received funds during his vice presidency, Biden’s role was to address corruption, ergo criminal justice reform. That’s like putting Wile E. Coyote in charge of protecting the road runner.

Moreover, Mackler’s boss, Jennings worked for Beau Biden. And Mackler managed Beau Biden’s 2010 Attorney General campaign. Wait, because of course there is more.

Between 2007 and 2008, Mackler worked as the press secretary for Joe Biden’s Senate office. And Hunter’s laptop revealed that Mackler has exchanged emails over the years with Hunter Biden and his business partners.

“Love you brother,” Mackler wrote to Hunter Biden in October 2018, laptop emails show.

Alexander Mackler knew that Joe Biden used the email address [email protected]. He sent the then-Vice President condolences after the death of his older son Beau.

He addressed the July 7, 2015 email to ‘the entire inimitable, expansive Biden clan,’ including Hunter, sister Ashley, Beau’s widow and later Hunter’s lover Hallie, Joe’s wife Jill, sister Valerie Owens, niece Missy and other family members – as well as one of Joe’s secret addresses.

‘Losing Beau has been particularly difficult because no one believed in me like he did,’ Mackler wrote. ‘Beau made me a better son, husband, brother, and now father. He set me free.’

He signed off the email: ‘See you, love you.’

The email shows Mackler’s deeply close connection with the Biden family, a relationship that has raised concerns about the impartiality of the Delaware US Attorney’s Office currently investigating Hunter for alleged tax felonies and potential foreign lobbying and money laundering crimes.

Mackler is compromised. And neither he nor Jennings should have any authority in an investigation of the Bidens.

Back to Biden’s aliases

Congress is demanding records from the Biden administration on Joe’s use of personal email addresses to conduct government business. Aa of now, communications on Hunter’s laptop show the president used at least four aliases, with fake names including ‘Robert L Peters’ and ‘Robin Ware’. At least he didn’t sink so far as to call himself Robinhood. He may be robbing the rich, but not for the greater good.


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