Joe Biden needs to explain his check and this silly excuse

Joe Biden still hasn’t explained why two wires were sent from the Chinese Communist Party to his home, supposedly for Hunter Biden.

Particularly when Hunter no longer lived with his “uncle’s brother” and business partner father.

While the White House works on explaining Hunter’s (and Joe’s) partnership with Chinese spies, they have a new problem. But before we address the obvious jackasses in the room, let’s remember that the Bidens have 20+ LLCs. And remember that the Ukrainian oligarch who helped funnel money to the Biden crime family commented that unraveling these LLCs would take years.

By then, the Bidens will be free and clear. Also, the public will have less of an appetite to get those crooks.

For now, the Bidens do what the Biden do: lie.

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The White House called House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s revelation of a supposedly “shady” payment to President Joe Biden, a “desperate” distraction from House GOP chaos.


The Bidens claim to be forthcoming about their finances, bank accounts, and so on. And the way they showcase their transparency is to hide everything.

The $200,000 check invalidates many of Biden’s lies.

First, Biden’s the claim that he was never involved in the business of his family. Debunked.

Second, Biden’s claim that none of his family members took a penny from foreign sources.

I asked this question in a previous article, and that was “How would Biden know with certainty that his family took no money from foreign sources, if he knew nothing about their businesses?”

Answer: of course Biden knew.

That check from James Biden blows gaping holes into Biden’s story about his lack of knowledge. The check looks like a payoff to “the big guy”. And “loan repayment” is a cover.

The oversight chair said that court documents showed James Biden had received “shady” loans totaling $600,000 from a failing hospital firm based on claims that his family name would “open doors” and could help secure a “large investment from the Middle East.”

The payment was “troubling,” Comer said, in part due to a $200,000 loan payment being sent to James Biden on the same day that the check was written to his brother, the then-future president.

However, the check made out to Joe Biden also clearly indicated that the money was sent as a “loan repayment”—a fact that was highlighted a short time later by Ian Sams, the White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, in a post to X, formerly Twitter.

That’s a big loan for something Joe Biden claims to know nothing about. Frankly, I want to see the paper trail for when Joe Biden actually loaned his brother the money. My bet is the Democrats are scrambling to create this (fake) journal entry into Biden’s finances.

Expect to find many more such discrepancies like this one. These revelations will bring down Joe Biden and anybody who supports him.


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