Leaked Document: Ukraine Milking America Dry

I’m no FBI agent, but I think Barney Fife could make an arrest in “The Case of the Bidens and Ukraine”.

C’mon man! Certainly by now even most Democrats must question if Ukraine has another of Hunter Biden’s lost laptops.

Look at how much money we are now giving this country.

Joe Biden funded Ukraine with enough money for America to BUY THE COUNTRY. This fact makes me wonder not if Joe Biden is compromised, but to what degree.

I’m still floored that Biden bragged publicly about taking out Victor Shokin, perhaps the only honest politician in Ukraine. But that’s not the joke. The thing is Biden has been maneuvered into giving money to a former Ukrainian stand-up comic. Jokes on us, America.

Is Biden being extorted? This DOJ certainly would never reveal that information. Not to mention, they are fairly tied up with creating false information on Trump and/or his friends and family.

But is all well between the two pals, Zelensky and Biden:

According to Politico, things aren’t all peaches and cream. The document to which they were given access explains the Biden administration’s real concerns about Ukrainian corruption.

Biden administration officials are far more worried about corruption in Ukraine than they publicly admit, a confidential U.S. strategy document obtained by POLITICO suggests.

The “sensitive but unclassified” version of the long-term U.S. plan lays out numerous steps Washington is taking to help Kyiv root out malfeasance and otherwise reform an array of Ukrainian sectors. It stresses that corruption could cause Western allies to abandon Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s invasion, and that Kyiv cannot put off the anti-graft effort.

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The Biden administration would never admit its mistake in Ukraine. That would be akin to admitting the massive f*ckup in Biden’s Afghanistan pullout.

The Biden administration people follow their feckless leader. Unfortunately, Biden is a pathological liar, as are those who surround him. Lying is how you survive in the Leftist world.

Understand, the Biden administration invited Russia to save his people in Ukraine. Joe Biden then turned on him. All because the people who put Biden in office needed a new boogeyman.

Has Ukraine changed? Of course not. That country remains one of the most corrupt, only now they can extort Captain Senility.

The Biden administration knows that most of the money sent to Ukraine ends up in the hands of Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs. And this is exactly what the leaked document revealed.

But if that document were completely truthful, we would learn that Biden has no recourse. Play ball or else.

Who has the goods on Biden, I can’t say. But my bet is the Chinese.


Privately, the Biden administration knows the can of worms it opened up. However publicly, they act as if they have unwavering support for Ukraine. I even saw a video where two hot Ukrainian women showed how they logged all materials received and track it.

I recognize a puff piece when I see it.

And like that video, the State Department issued a sanitized version of this same strategic document in early September. As you might have guessed, they failed to mention the fight against Ukrainian corruption.

That’s starker than the analysis available in the little-noticed public version of the 22-page document, which the State Department appears to have posted on its website with no fanfare about a month ago.

The confidential version of the “Integrated Country Strategy” is about three times as long and contains many more details about U.S. objectives in Ukraine, from privatizing its banks to helping more schools teach English to encouraging its military to adopt NATO protocols. Many goals are designed to reduce the corruption that bedevils the country.

The quiet release of the strategy, and the fact that the toughest language was left in the confidential version, underscores the messaging challenge facing the Biden team.

“Reduce the corruption that bedevils the country”. Powerful words.

How much of our money has gone down the rabbit hole? And why won’t the Biden administration just be honest?

No matter how the Left try to sell it, this is not our war.



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