The Terror Payment Leftist Don’t Want You to Know About

Barack Obama paid the Iranian terrorists almost $2 billion. Then his puppet-VP-turned-fake-president rewarded the Iranians with an additional $6 billion in money for sponsoring terror.

Such is the Leftist way. Pay the worst people for doing the worst things. Then expect them to stop doing bad things.

In a sane world, doing things the right way, fighting for meritocracy and “content of character” should drive funding. However, if we’ve learned anything about Leftist politics, we know that good guys finish last.

BLM recognized this early on. They built their organization on the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot”. And they haven’t looked back or even needed to. Despite influencing their people to kill cops, and their “leadership” using funding to buy multiple, multi-million dollar homes, BLM remains a fixation of the Left. But when BLM isn’t extorting or guilting money from the all too willing white enabler establishment, the organization gets funding from lawsuits.

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Not that long ago, the city of New York resolved a class-action lawsuit with BLM. Rightfully, the lawsuit ignited a fierce debate.

The settlement involved the city agreeing to distribute $13.7 million to individuals who partook in the 2020 George Floyd unrest. Under the settlement, the 1,380 plaintiffs, who allege that their rights were violated by the New York Police Department (NYPD), will each receive an estimated $10,000. Understand that this amount was watered down from the original article which had each plaintiff receiving $21,000.

Plaintiffs who rioted for a drug-addicted counterfeiter who got himself killed will all get $10,000 from the taxpayers of New York City. Participants in the protests and riots burned vehicles, assaulted police and civilians, and looted stores. They cost the city billions of dollars. Yet, the city will pay BLM.

I suggest the million or so people who marched in DC on January 6 take a page from BLM. So what if you did nothing, didn’t get arrested, etc. Just claim an injustice. For example, being geotracked by the FBI. Use the excuse given by the plaintiffs for BLM.

Elena Cohen, the chief attorney for the plaintiffs, argues that the lawsuit aims to safeguard the rights of the public. In a discussion with Business Insider, Cohen emphasized the necessity of enabling New York City inhabitants to protest peacefully and voice their criticisms of the government without fear of bodily harm.

Bodily harm? How about illegal incarceration for some of the J6 people?

NYC’s legal team countered. As you might imagine, they claimed that many protests were far from peaceful and regularly devolved into looting and rioting. Their statement reads:

“Protesters set police cars ablaze; vandalized precinct houses; threw rocks, bricks, bottles at officers; stabbed, punched, bit officers; and hurled Molotov cocktails at officers.”

I can imagine a Leftist reading this, and saying, “I don’t see the problem?”

These BLM hooligans should be in prison, and not getting paid for their crimes. But we no longer live in a sane world.



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