More Dirt on Joe Biden and His Brother’s Nephew

Politically, Joe Biden is “dead man walking”. The man who claims to have known nothing about “his brother’s nephew’s” (that’s Hunter, for the braindead Leftists) business, knew much more than he’s willing to tell.

What did Biden claim about China during the debate with President Trump?

My son has not made money, in terms of this thing about uh what are you talking about? China!

The only guy who made money from China is this guy [Trump]. He’s the only one.

As you watched Biden declare his innocence, you don’t need to be a body-language expert to know that heknew he was lying. Nor do you need to be a person who studies linguistics to assess the same.

Biden exposes his guilt in the obvious questioning, “…what are you talking about? China!”

A person doesn’t forget what he’s arguing against when he’s innocent. Biden was debating Trump on the accusation that his family benefitted from being in business with the Chinese. And he forgets that?!

Guilty dog barking. But then Biden does what criminals do. He deflects.

The only guy who made money from China is this guy. He’s the only one.

Recall that Democrats noted that Trump set up a bank account in China. As if banking in other countries is a corrupt business practice.

How many corporations have bank accounts in China? Answer: any corporations doing business in China. That’s how real business is done.

But business is not done by setting up multiple LLCs. This is the “banking” network the Bidens set up. Put another way, Trump’s business practices are easily tracked. However, the Bidens’ business practices were intentionally set up to confound regulators.

The Bidens had over 155 Suspicious Activity Reports. Trump’s enterprises had NONE.

But let’s move on to the latest on Joe Biden’s claim to have never done known anything about his family’s business dealing.

Hunter Biden’s former business associate Rob Walker, who wired money from China to Biden family members, played golf with Joe Biden between “eight to twelve times,” he told the FBI in a December 2020 transcribed interview.

Walker spoke to the FBI about his role in Hunter Biden’s business enterprise with Chinese partners and described his golf outings with Joe Biden, according to a partially redacted transcript of his FBI interview.

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Add this to the list of things outlined by people following the money:

      • Emails and other communications show Hunter repeatedly invoking his father to secure payments from foreign sources and, in one such message, he threatens a Chinese figure that his father is sitting next to him to coerce a large transfer of money.[9]
      • A trusted FBI source recounted a direct claim of a corrupt Ukrainian businessman that he paid a “bribe” to Joe Biden through intermediaries.[10]
      • Hunter Biden reportedly claimed that he had to give half of his earnings to his father[11] and other emails state that intermingled accounts were used to pay bills for both men, including a possible credit account that Hunter used to allegedly pay prostitutes.[12]
      • At least two transfers of funds to Hunter Biden in 2019 from a Chinese source listed the President’s home in Delaware where Hunter sometimes lived and conducted business.[13]
      • Some of the deals negotiated by Hunter involved potential benefits for his father, including office space in Washington.[14] At least nine Biden family members reportedly received money from these foreign transfers, including grandchildren.[15] For Hunter Biden, this included not just significant money transfers but gifts like an expensive diamond and a luxury car.[16]

I wrote about this not that long ago:

By now, only a fool would pretend that Joe Biden isn’t the head of his crime family. Or that Joe Biden hasn’t sold out America for personal gain. Simply put: we don’t need any new evidence. Yet it keeps on coming.

As the “X” below shows, Hunter referred to his father, as his “Uncle’s Brother”.

The Bidens’ time is up. Coming soon to a theater near you is The Fall of the Bidens. America and the world will be better for it.

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