Obama helped financed Iran’s High-Tech Weapons Industry

While Biden continues Barack Obama’s failed policies in thwarting terror, much of the blame for the increase in terror belongs to Obama.

I have written extensively on Obama’s failed policies with the world’s number on terror sponsor, Iran. And now others seem to recognize the damage done when the admittedly unqualified Obama gave Iran money and our technology.

I chastised Obama for allowing Iran to keep our top secret drone. But Obama didn’t just give Iran billions in technology secrets. He also dropped $1.7 billion dollars to them in the middle of the night, paying a ransom for hostages.

Let’s look at the outcome of those decisions. CNN explains how Iran’s weapons industry.

New research has revealed the extent to which Iran has built a powerful weapons industry based on Western technology, and how that technology is being used by Russia against Ukrainian cities.

Conflict Armament Research (CAR), a UK-based organization which investigates weapons’ components, has established that the Shahed-136 drones sold to Russia by Iran are powered by an engine based on German technology – technology illicitly acquired by Iran almost 20 years ago.

The finding – made through detailed examination of components recovered in Ukraine and shared exclusively with CNN – underlines Iran’s ability to mimic and finesse military technology it has obtained illegitimately.

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CNN knows that the drones Iran now produces is based on Obama’s incompetence, not 20-year-old German tech.

When Iran shot down our drone, Obama should have ordered it to be destroyed with a direct missile hit. He refused to do this. And I’m not alone in believing this was intentional.

The Iranians bragged that they would reverse-engineer our drone. I’m confident they did.

Pretty soon the Chinese won’t even need to steal our technology. Why steal it, when Democrat presidents like Obama and Biden give top secret technology away.

And as the article suggests, the Russians benefit as well.

Western officials are also concerned that Russia may share Western-made weapons and equipment recovered on the Ukrainian battlefield with the Iranians. So far, there’s no firm evidence that has happened.

No firm evidence? But it is suspected or why write the article.

Buried deep in the article is the part where the Iranians have improved their technology:

Taimur Khan, Gulf analyst at CAR, told CNN that Iran’s UAV systems are constantly being refined and modernized and “have proven to be increasingly accurate in terms of their targeting and guidance systems as well as the counter-jamming capabilities.”

America has been infiltrated on all fronts. So I don’t believe we have many secrets. The fact that Hamas could plan a two-year sneak attack on Israel astounds most observers. The fact that Hamas could keep this a secret should rattle the CIA, NSA and others to their rotten incompetent cores.

We live in Bizarro World where right is wrong and vice-versa. The only way to fix this is to drain the swamp.


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