FLASHBACK: President Trump Warns Iran Over ‘Sneak Attack’

Remember when America had a real president. And President Trump proactively protected America?

Below is how we documented the rumored attack on America:

Iran would be crazy to mess with President Trump. But rumor says they’re planning a sneak attack.

The president tweeted:

Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!

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Is this an April Fool’s joke? No. Because it sets up like one.

Iran is not stupid enough to believe that because America is currently battling the Chinese Wuhan Virus, we can’t fight multiple wars on multiple fronts! Holy Mother of WWII, we kicked Nazi and Japanese asses on two fronts in WWII, fighting both thousands of miles away. For Trump, battling the Chinese Wuhan Virus and Iran will look like child’s plan.

According to sources, the president’s tweet came soon after he attended an intelligence briefing at the White House. Makes sense.

The president is not one to sit on information that puts American lives in danger. Consider what he did in preparation for the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

Upon hearing of the outbreak, President Trump immediately halted all travel from Asia and Europe. Then he quarantined the cruise line, where many passengers had been diagnosed with the virus.

And the State Department handling of Iran is likely something movies are made of.

Upon entering the Oval Office, Trump reversed the Obama-era policy of appeasement with Iran. He removed America from the Iran nuclear deal. Next, he reinstated sanctions against the rogue nation. In short, Trump’s action decimated the Iranian economy and removed their ability to create havoc or spread more terror.

Supposedly the president learned that Iran-supported terrorists were planning the sneak attack. The president made it clear that America is aware of their plan and we will retaliate. So far President Trump has mostly attacked Iran financially. While Trump exhibits a lot of patience, he can be forced to make a point. Thus, the warning to Iran: back down or face the wrath of the not so jovial President Trump.

When Iran continued their posturing, the president dispatched Soleimani and the next in line who replaced him.

So Iran has been warned multiple times. If they sustain their activities, expect the president to back up his threats.


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