Pro-Trump Craze is a Worldwide Phenomenon

Check out the international Trump Factor

Democrats and Republican RINOs in America want to destroy Donald Trump. But their strategy backfired.

Just recently Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry won the governorship of the state, and he proudly accepted an endorsement from President Trump. He even featured Trump in one of his campaign commercials.

And in what should send shockwaves down the spines of Leftists (if they had spines) is that Landry is pro-life. Supposedly the abortion issue could wreck any Republican, right? It had no impact on Landry.

Landry won with almost 52 percent of the vote. He had 13 competitors. And he crushed the nearest and only Democrat competitor who managed to get just under 25 percent of the vote.

That election constitutes a 100+ percent butt-kicking of the Left. Further, it represents a bellwether for the Democrats in 2024 and all around the country.

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While Democrats haven’t done themselves any favors, the Trump factor is real. Because the world fears a weak American president.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s “3am” warning, the majority of Americans and partner countries want Trump back. Moreover, as for their leaders, many countries want their version of Trump.

Take Argentina for example. Per NPR,

Argentines were going to the polls Sunday, as frustrated voters weigh handing the presidency to an anti-establishment, right-wing populist who has shaken up the political system and pledges to drastically overhaul the state.

Javier Milei, a self-described anarcho-capitalist who admires former U.S. President Donald Trump, sent shockwaves through the nation after receiving the most votes in the August primaries. The economist and first-year lawmaker has said he will slash public spending, halve the number of government ministries, eliminate the central bank and replace the local currency with the U.S. dollar.

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Milei knows economics. So he knows that government can’t solve all the problems. Also, he knows that governments get fat, which is why he vows to slash spending. Like Trump, Milei wants to streamline government. But perhaps most astonishing is he has vowed to go back to the dollar as Argentina’s standard.

In another comparison between Trump and Milei, they both understand the system. Those wealthy enough can game the system, putting themselves above the law.

The article continues,

He first made a name for himself with angry tirades blasting what he calls the “political caste” on television, and has gained support from Argentines struggling to make ends meet amid annual inflation of 140% and a rapidly depreciating currency. His platform also calls for reshaping Argentine culture, and he casts himself as a crusader against the sinister forces of socialism at home and abroad.

America may be very close to Argentina inflation numbers if the powers-that-be were to report America’s real inflation.

This anarco-capitalist understands the market. And like Trump said to blacks, “What do you have to lose?”

Some don’t see Milei as a potential savior of Argentina.

Benjamin Gedan, director of the Latin America program at the Washington-based Wilson Center said, “Argentina is in for a wild ride. The most likely scenario is rather worrisome, a polarized society, divided congress, combative and inexperienced leader and an economy hurtling toward an abyss.”

Combative and inexperienced leader? The same was said about Trump. But the real question is, “How were Americans doing before Trump?” And again, what does Argentina have to lose?

If Trump were a dance, people would be doing it all over the world at this point. The man is more popular than the Macarena. The New York Times wrote of a Trump revival.

Politico titled an article, “Hoping for Haley, bracing for Trump”. But trust me, nobody except the Uniparty is hoping for Haley. And not because they are enthralled with Trump’s former UN ambassador. They just don’t want Trump. But MAGA Republicans disagree. And so does much of the world.



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