Ten Compelling Reasons for Biden’s Impeachment

The Biden family’s date with justice comes swiftly. Americans await those magic words: “Joe Biden…you ARE ‘the big guy’!”

Professor Jonathan Turley explained how Republicans will expose Biden. In doing so, he chronicled 10 developments to justify the Biden impeachment inquiry. And that list is as follows:

The record currently contains witness and written evidence that the President (1) has lied about key facts in these foreign dealings, (2) was the focus of a multimillion-dollar influence peddling scheme, and (3) may have benefitted from this corruption through millions of dollars sent to his family as well as more direct possible benefits. The President may be able to disprove or rebut these points, but they raise legitimate concerns over his role based on the accounts of key figures in the matter. Consider just ten of the disclosures from the prior investigation:

    • Hunter Biden and his associates were running a classic influence peddling operation using Joe Biden as what Devon Archer called “the Brand.”[1] While this was described as an “illusion of access,” millions were generated for the Bidens from some of the most corrupt figures in the world, including associates who were later accused of or convicted of public corruption.[2]
    • Some of the Biden clients pushed for changes impacting United States foreign policy and relations, including help in dealing with Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin investigating corruption.[3]

Two bullet points in, and we have more than a smoking gun. We know Biden got Shokin dumped. Shokin was guilty of nothing, as the president of Ukraine explained to Biden by phone.

As for Biden, we have his guilt on video. That clown was so cocky, like a political voyeur he exposed himself. And what of the hypocrisy of Democrats who tried to impeach Trump for merely asking about the very corruption Biden actually committed.

The article continues,

    • President Biden has made false claims about his knowledge of these dealings repeatedly in the past, including insisting that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign dealings which Archer has declared “patently false.”[4] The Washington Post and other media outlets have also declared the President’s insistence that his family did not take money from China as false.[5]
    • The President had been aware for years that Hunter Biden and his uncle James were accused of influence peddling, including an audiotape of the President acknowledging a New York Times investigation as a threat to Hunter.[6]
    • President Biden was repeatedly called into meetings with these foreign clients and was put on speakerphone.[7] He also met these clients and foreign figures at dinners and meetings.[8]


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We are only halfway through Turley’s list and I have seen enough. Consider Trump’s situation at the genned up charges against him.

General Flynn was practically bankrupt, Paul Manafort was imprisoned, and not even for anything related to Trump. George Papadopoulos was railroaded, and many others intimidated. And Trump was innocent.

But with Biden, nobody is even close to jail, outside of Archer, and for an unrelated crim.

The list continues,

    • Emails and other communications show Hunter repeatedly invoking his father to secure payments from foreign sources and, in one such message, he threatens a Chinese figure that his father is sitting next to him to coerce a large transfer of money.[9]
    • A trusted FBI source recounted a direct claim of a corrupt Ukrainian businessman that he paid a “bribe” to Joe Biden through intermediaries.[10]
    • Hunter Biden reportedly claimed that he had to give half of his earnings to his father[11] and other emails state that intermingled accounts were used to pay bills for both men, including a possible credit account that Hunter used to allegedly pay prostitutes.[12]
    • At least two transfers of funds to Hunter Biden in 2019 from a Chinese source listed the President’s home in Delaware where Hunter sometimes lived and conducted business.[13]
    • Some of the deals negotiated by Hunter involved potential benefits for his father, including office space in Washington.[14] At least nine Biden family members reportedly received money from these foreign transfers, including grandchildren.[15] For Hunter Biden, this included not just significant money transfers but gifts like an expensive diamond and a luxury car.[16]

But let’s be clear about what Turley missed:

Let’s being by asking this question: “Why is there absolutely no reference to Joe Biden by name in Hunter’s correspondence?”

Recently we learned that Hunter referred to his father as “his uncle’s brother”. Why did the Biden family almost universally not use Joe Biden’s name or title in their business dealings?

I wrote about this not that long ago:

By now, only a fool would pretend that Joe Biden isn’t the head of his crime family. Or that Joe Biden hasn’t sold out America for personal gain. Simply put: we don’t need any new evidence. Yet it keeps on coming.

As the “X” below shows, Hunter referred to his father, as his “Uncle’s Brother”.


Next, Joe Biden refuses to cooperate by providing all records willingly.

Why does the public have to practically bludgeon the man to get any information? And why haven’t the media demanded Biden’s taxes as they demanded of Trump’s? Biden claims to have a higher standard than Trump, yet I haven’t seen it.

A good start at transparency would be Biden’s bank records. There exist over 150 suspicious activity reports (SARS). Biden should allow forensic accountants and investigators total access to those reports.

Next, his phone records. He claims to have talked to his son daily. Thus, I’d like to make sure he wasn’t using burner phones.

And what of Biden’s multiple email addresses? Now, we know the names and we know that Biden used these for communicating with Hunter. So, why not grant investigators total access to those emails?

As you can see, America has plenty of evidence against Joe Biden. Now we want actual justice.



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