The Curious Timing of Joe Biden’s Beach House Purchase

Joe Biden detested being the poorest politician in DC. So when he got his second chance with Obama, Joe Biden leapt for the brass ring.

And he grabbed it.

Only Barack Obama would be so desperate as to pull Joe Biden from the dung heap of political has-beens and give him the opportunity for the big leagues. Biden was never able to accomplish anything significant politically for himself. So he’d be damned if he let the chance slip away again.

Biden gathered his family together to explain their lottery win. He appointed Hunter as the point man. Then he instructed the others to bring their opportunities. Plan in place, the Bidens executed the plan: sell access to Joe.

Get the deals, but no references to Joe Biden by name. Only allude to him, but not directly by name or title.

Hunter and James (Jim) performed as instructed. They brought the deals.

And Joe showed up at the appropriate times, as needed. He popped into meetings or dinner enough to prove  that he was involved. However, Joe steered clear of the blast zone; just in case.

Fast forward, and Joe Biden was no longer poor. I documented Joe Biden’s fortunes, noting how Joe’s income stayed remarkably consistent until fairly recently.

Joe Biden took a substantial jump in pay, once the family established its crime syndicate. Biden earned so well, he paid almost $2.75 million in cash for his Rehoboth Beach home in 2017. Repeat: Biden paid cash.

Where did Joe get all that cash? As the article suggest, it might have been the Chinese.

And making the transaction even stranger it was within weeks of a highly questionable text that Hunter had sent to Henry Zhao, an associate at Chinese oil giant CEFC asking to seal a deal worth $10 million a year.

The purchase occurred on June 8, 2017, for $2,744,001.

Recall that only weeks earlier Hunter Biden warned the Chinese that they’d better pay up or his “uncle’s brother” would make the Chinese rue the day they were born.

Sounds to me that the Bidens were expecting their windfall. And they got it only days later.

Records show that there was no mortgage for the property. Further, there were no records for a mortgage until December 2022 when Joe and Jill Biden took out a $250,000 line of credit which was secured against the property.

Now the story gets really interesting. About a year ago the Biden took down their personal income taxes from 2016-2018 from the website. The cake had just started hitting the fan over their finances, so the timing of this removal fascinates me. I suspect the Biden made “cover your ass” revisions to their taxes, but the media barely mentioned it.

Now the Daily Mail explains that there’s a $5.9 million discrepancy between Joe Biden’s IRS filings and his Office of Government Ethics disclosures for the same period.

Between 2017 and 2019 he and First Lady Jill Biden reported $16.5million in gross income on their federal tax returns, released by the Biden campaign.

The vast majority came from their two companies, CelticCapri Corp and Giacoppa Corp, which they use for speaking and writing engagements.

But in Office of Government Ethics (OGE) fillings for the same period, Joe only reported $9.6 million in income for himself and his wife.

I’m very confident that the Bidens have no legitimate explanation for the discrepancy.

I predict investigators will find that the Biden under-reported their income, because it was ill-gotten. Moreover, they didn’t pay taxes on that money either.

Keep in mind that these discrepancies likely don’t include the monies Hunter Biden used to pay the bills for “the big guy” and the good “doctor”.

I guarantee you that if we were discussing Trump in this scenario, forensic accountants would have left only enough for the maggots on Trump’s corpse. While justice has moved excruciatingly slow with the Bidens, I know that real justice will arrive for them soon.

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