The Huge Significance of Mike Pence Dropping Out

Mike Pence was given one job: make Trump look bad. But Pence ended up doing massive damage most haven’t discussed.

If Pence were truly a man of character, he would have rejected the overtures of the anti-Trump crowd to torpedo Trump; a job in which Pence failed miserably. So what was Pence’s next move to show his true character? He dropped out of the presidential race.

Pence took the money and ran, so to speak. And his quitting has implications that are far-reaching for those who funded him. And it revolves around Pence’s failure to get Trump.

Pence’s entered the presidential sweepstakes as the VP who ran against his boss. This political move is a rare occurrence. And certain a strange move by Pence, given how well Trump performed. Treachery like that Pence showed would doom most political careers. Obviously, that’s what those who encouraged Pence to enter hoped would happen to Trump. However, for this strategy to work, you need a respected politician.

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The choir boy with character

Why the lack of respect to the choir boy with character?

Being honest, Pence never had a shot at being president. Prior to his announcement about his campaign, I joked often on my radio show that the next Uber driver I get had a better shot at winning the presidency than Mike Pence. I wrote this of Pence last year:

Let’s just keep things real. Nobody gives a crap about Mike Pence.

I met Pence a few times. Nice guy. Not the kind of guy I would necessarily hang out with. A bit too “buttoned up” for me. Pence is the type of guy who has an air of moral superiority. And no, it’s not my failings that make me say that about Pence. I just know the type.

I believe Pence is a pious as he presents himself. He truly fears the evil that lurks within him. And that is a good thing. But I’m a firm believer that people must “be themselves”. I don’t get the feeling that Pence is really being his true self.

No offense to the man. To each his own. But as a leader, Pence is not somebody I would follow.

Pence was shoe-horned into the VP spot last time. But we didn’t need Trump to tell us that he would not pick Pence again. In fact, I was surprised he ran with him again in 2020. In one of the few mistakes I say Trump made, running with Pence again was one of them.

I stand by those comments.

Trump resurrected Pence’s career when he made him VP. The establishment encouraged Trump to add Pence to the ticket to bring stability. Pence would be the buttoned-up guy–as stable as Trump was reportedly “unhinged”. Thus, Pence would be Trump’s alter ego, ergo good son to Trump’s bad boy image.

Generally speaking, politicians like Pence are ridiculed. Pence wears his religion on his sleeve, something the Uniparty disdains. But not in this case. The Uniparty painted Trump as the anti-Christ, so he would lose the evangelical vote. Pence would become their knight in shining armor.

In my humble opinion, Pence did little to inspire others to consider the Lord as one’s Savior. Pence wears his religion like an adornment, that I think many people find off-putting. That choirboy image is what many people hoped would sell the ruse of Jan 6.

Pence’s handler needed his image to tarnish Trump. The choir boy was to invalidate the real election. Pence obliged, and chose instead to support the coup.

The man of character showed none.

The Big Backfire – Pence’s laughable candidacy

After all the time, energy, and money spent to make Pence a credible candidate, he abandoned his responsibility. Reluctantly.

Consider the egg in the face of Pence and his handlers when a former VP to one of the best administrations in history can’t get more than five percent of the vote in any poll. Pence campaign is an embarrassment on any level. And he had to know where he stood, when he was approached to run. So why do it?

Pence gave up everything in this gambit, so the temptation must have been amazing. Such is true for all of the people running against Trump.

The Ingrates

Trump saved the Republican Party. Anybody who disagrees with that is either an idiot or just hates Trump. The third option: they are idiots who hate Trump.

The Republicans were flailing under the “leadership” of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and the like. Wishy-washy Republicans who play footsies with Democrats. These politicians only pretend to have conservative values. Their style of republicanism lost many winnable elections. Then came Trump.

The MAGA movement re-established the true principles of Republicans, but it did far more than that. MAGA brought independents and homeless Democrats.

Why the anti-Trump Republicans refuse to admit this is beyond me. Give the man credit.

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Look at the candidates who now run against him.

Like Pence, Nikki Haley owes her political career at the national and international level to Trump. Yet she too betrayed him. And again like Pence, her rationale for betraying Trump involves the J6 nonsense.

DeSantis would not be the governor of Florida. without Trump. His show of loyalty to the man who got him a national footprint was to backstab him. If DeSantis had any loyalty, he would have never entered the race. Further, as I’ve stated before, if DeSantis were politically astute, he’d drop out of the race and endorse Trump.

Name your serious candidate running against Trump, and I will show you how Trump worked with them; how Trump helped each of them in some way. Yet they all plotted against him.

Each of these candidates showed the true nature of RINOs. They are presented as people of character. But they have none.

When asked why Republicans struggle to win, I give them that answer. Far too many Republicans are frauds.






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