The Projectile Vomit Covering All Americans

Are you surprised I’m talking about Biden? Yup. Anything he says.

In this instance I’m referring to the world-class international circus–officially termed a press conference– on September 10th in the Communist country of Vietnam.

You may remember it as the host country of the prison our guys sarcastically dubbed the Hanoi Hilton. It’s where our soldiers were starved and tortured for years, to hell with the Geneva Convention.

Sayonara Honesty and Transparency

I analyzed the White House Transcript of last month’s press conference and matched it up with the video. Why? Because several times Biden’s babysitters have falsified transcripts by rewriting some of what JoJo Demento said or deleting it altogether.  This transcript appears to be accurate.

Potpourri of Buffoonery 

Diaper Man begins the spectacle by an effusive outpouring of sorrow about the Moroccan earthquake that hit September 8th.

To wit: “Before we begin, I want to express my sadness by the loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake in Morocco. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Morocco and my friend King Mohammed VII — VI, I should say.”
You might want to contrast this, ladies and gentlemen, with his reaction to the heartrending deaths and vast property incineration on August 8th which befell Lahaina on Maui.
His heartless response to the press?  “No comment”.  He did visit Lahaina, though. For less than six hours. THIRTEEN DAYS LATER.
He’s definitely not batting for the home team.


The frequency of Biden’s meetings with the president of the Commie country whose mission is to devalue our dollar, destroy our economy, and defeat us in every way is staggering. 
Well, given the millions of dollars that current, and long overdue, investigations prove he, his brothers, and son Hunter have received, it’s not surprising Biden would spend staggering amounts of time wooing that anti-American country.
Biden  also interspersed groveling homage to China throughout this mockery of a press conference.
“Well, I hope I get to see Mr. Xi  [Xi Jinping, China’s president] sooner than later. I’ve spent more time with him than any other world leader has, sum total, over the last 12 years.”

Biden has been romancing this Communist regime whose motto claims to “Serve The People”. However, the truth is the exact opposite. The reality is crimes such as Mao Zedong’s mass murders and the massacre at Tiananmen Square.

Chairman Mao  killed an estimated 40 million to 80 million of his own people through mass executions, torture, inhumane prison labor, and starvation.

Communist China’s very long history of killing political dissidents  continues to this day. Persecution of the members of the Falun Gong religion is a barbaric example.
The peaceful Falun Gong practitioners oppose Communism and are devotedly pro-freedom and kindness.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) frequently kidnaps these gentle people and extracts their organs for harvesting. While they are still alive. Often without anesthesia.
This is the corrupt cesspool of a  government that Joseph Biden woos.

Global Warming

“…the only existential threat humanity faces even more frightening than a — than a nuclear war is global warming going above 1.5 degrees in the next 20 — 10 years. “
A nuclear catastrophe– that would kill millions of people and our pets, annihilate or poison our food sources,  genetically deform countless survivors, destroy hospitals, level factories, and cause an inconceivably great amount of other horrific things– in Biden’s diseased mind is minuscule by comparison to global warming. 
Biden minimizes nuclear holocaust and piddles a puddle over global warming when in the expert opinion of thousands of world-class scientists, global warming is a figment of Leftist-Globalist (same thing) hysteria.


Many times the Cretin-in-Chief slipped up and said, “Third World” then corrected himself and substituted the politically correct term of “Global South”. 
Does the sanitized term make those countries any less poor and any less backward?  No. Not any more than calling cat’s diarrhea Chanel No. 5 would make it stink any less.
Well, Biden is following  the Communist playbook of denying reality and calling something terrible by a pretty name. You know, the way  Joseph Biden’s namesake, Joseph Stalin, talked.
For example, Stalin said, “Gaiety is the most oustanding feature of the Soviet Union.”  
A typical Commie lie to cover up the truth. Scholars estimate that Stalin had between 40 million and 90 million of his countrymen executed. The latter number constituted 4.2% of the USSR’s population. In addition, huge numbers of people perished from starvation, torture, or imprisonment.

Outright Lies

Biden blathered,
“For example, as a consequence of what we’ve done, we — we have the most — we have the most e- — we have the strongest economy in the world today. Right now, today, the United States of America has the strongest economy in the world — in the world. Now, we’ve got more to do, but we have the strongest economy in the world.”
Really? To purchase four weeks of food at Costco landed in the range of $185 during Donald Trump’s presidency.  The same quantity and identical brands last week amounted to $579.85 at Costco!
(*Editor’s Note: That was for a family of one. Larger families are spending up to $800 a week for ‘discount’ groceries.)

Mother May I?

In front of the world’s press Biden said, “…let’s see. I’m just following my orders here” in response to what questions to take from whom. (Only five reporters handpicked by his puppeteers.)
He’s outed himself on many occasions before, referring to and deferring to his handlers like a toddler would to his Mommy for permission.
Regularly, Biden doesn’t know where he is.
Furthermore, he often doesn’t know who he is. Sometimes he’s referred to himself as Senator. Another time he said that he was the Vice President of Kamala Harris, whom he thought was the President. 
Despite being in Vietnam at a press conference, Biden kept bringing up Prime Minister Modi of India and profusely thanked him. “I want to, once again, thank Prime Minister Modi for his leadership and his hospitality in hosting the G20.” 
Not once did he mention the president of Vietnam, his host, by name or title LOL. Then at the prematurely ended press conference Biden committed the unforgivable diplomatic sin of neglecting to shake the hand of President Vo Van Thuong; instead ignoring Thuong and doddering past him as if he were a potted plant. To say Vo Van Thuong was enraged and disgusted would be an understatement.
Personally I’ve met orangutans who were more courteous than Biden. Also smarter. They were the beloved pets of world-famous trainer, Bobby Berosini. Some of Mr. Berosini’s little red-headed darlings were movie stars, featured opposite Clint Eastwood.

Those Embarrassing Non Sequiturs and Signs of Weakness

Right in the middle of answering a question from “Anita” of VOA (Voice Of America)  Biden blurts out: But I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed.”

Then he starts rambling. Karine Jean-Pierre abruptly ends the press cinference by saying  “Thank — thank you, everybody.”
He starts to mutter “Thank —”  but his press secretary talks over him. “This ends the con— press conference. Thanks, everyone.”

Bifen then parrots, “Thank you. Thank you” and his mic is cut off.

Plan of Action

Folks, do us all a favor–a little contribution to saving our country–and pass this Op-Ed along to those mental giants among your friends, acquaintances, and–God forbid–your family members who still insist on voting for Biden.
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