FLASHBACK: Trump Sent ‘Wuhan Missile’ to Dispatch Another Iranian Military Leader

Remember when America has real leadership in dealing with rogue nations? And how Trump handled Iran?

While Leftists fixate on scaring Americans with the Wuhan virus, President Trump sent another message to the world: don’t mess with America.

Like Democrats in America are learning, Trump gives definitive lessons. And we learned that General Siamand Mashdani, a top commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has come down with the Trump virus.

WaPo columnist Josh Rogin broke the news on Twitter:

Hey guys, looks like we just killed another senior Iranian military commander. Sorry to interrupt. https://twitter.com/kurdistannews24/status/1238298161996677120 

President Trump retaliated against Iran for their killing of 2 Americans less than a week ago.

Kurdistan news reported:

U.S. strikes back at IRAN backed Kataib Hezbollah militia group after 2 American troops killed in Iraq

The message to the world sent by President Trump: you kill Americans, we attack back.

Again, the president sought no approval from Congress. He simply responded to let the Iranians know that they will not take advantage of the Leftist-created crisis in America to do harm to Americans without repercussion.

Recall the last time President Trump bombed an Iranian? The Guardian wrote:

The only predictable thing about Donald Trump is his unpredictability. Two days into the month of an impeachment trial and an election year, he gave the kaleidoscope a mighty shake with arguably the most consequential decision of his presidency.

From his luxurious Florida retreat, Mar-a-Lago, Trump authorised a drone strike at Baghdad international airport that killed Iran’s top general and second most powerful official, Qassem Suleimani, said to be developing plans to attack US diplomats and service members in Iraq and the region.

In an instant, he rallied flag-waving Republican allies, making his acquittal in the forthcoming Senate impeachment trial more certain than ever (never one for subtle messaging, his current pinned tweet is an image of the stars and stripes). He also delivered a truck load of red meat to his support base: expect re-election campaign ads to portray him as a decisive commander-in-chief who takes out terrorists.

The Guardian called what America’s first real president since Reagan did a publicity stunt. Really?

I’m confident the world sees Trump’s military moves for what they are: MAGA.

When the Iranians replaced Suleimani, they put a target on his back. Anybody Iran puts in charge of killing Americans will wish he contracted the Wuhan virus. Because Trump’s virus will be far worse.

I’d say, “Ask Suleimani!”, but he won’t be able to answer you back.

Don’t think the same fate doesn’t await the Chinese, though Trump won’t fight them with missiles. The infection of Americans with Wuhan and its impact on our economy will not be paid by American taxpayers or with American military lives.

Paraphrasing what Trump said of the border wall, “China’s going to pay for it!”



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