Why Democrats Can’t Cheat (as badly) in 2024

In case you’ve missed it, America has only one political party. The astute among us know that we only have the Uniparty.

Democrats and Republicans have cleverly made people believe there are two parties. However, there are Leftists and Leftist-lights. Those are the only choices. Actually, better put: that is the real choice, as there is but one.

In 2020, the Uniparty panicked. The people who chose the man who kicked Hillary Clinton’s butt knew he would do the same to any Democrat. After all, Trump performed like a rock star. Trump’s performance caught the Uniparty by surprise. Surely he would fail, and this would cause people to abandon him.

That didn’t happen. Despite all the Uniparty did to keep Trump on tilt, the man ran over Democrats and other Leftists like Larry Czonka on the undefeated Miami Dolphins.

Much was at stake in a Trump second term. Particularly after all the Uniparty did to try to get Trump. They gave new meaning to “trumped-up charges”.

The Uniparty targeted Trump so ridiculously, their strategy backfired. Even Democrats grew weary of their nonsense. They have abandoned the party in numbers not seen in quite some time. And that’s why I refuse to get dejected.

The Uniparty pretended that Biden was popular. And that he could garner 81 million votes. That strategy was unbelievable then, but it’s downright beyond stupid now. Nobody in the Democratic Party would believe Biden can win. That fact is the most open secret inside the beltway. Further, those like Gavin Newsom who pretend to worship at the alter of Captain Demento will feel the wrath as well.

You know it’s gotten bad when John Fetterman actually mutters a few words of wisdom.

DC is definitely full of some less intelligent fellows, and Trump targeted them one by one. It’s no wonder they don’t want him back. Yet, I believe even the Democrats know that they can’t cheat again if they want to convince us that we still have a Republic.

That’s why they hate that it’s the Republicans’ turn.

Our team allowed them Biden in the coup. But he’s been so pathetic, they can’t let it happen again.

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