Why is Bill Maher Campaigning for DeSantis?

The latest trick for struggling campaigns is to show they can “reach across the aisle”. For Republicans, this means appearing on Leftist news or other shows.

And in a somewhat desperate attempt to revitalize his campaign, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared on Bill Maher’s show.

Maher’s tainted political history involves losing his first very partisan show. A few years later, Leftist powers-that-be resurrected Maher from the dung heap of losers to recreate essentially the same show. With no competition from conservative comedians (real comedians), shows like Maher’s achieve “success”. And their proudest moments happen when they get “the other side” to join.

Maher has morphed over the years, moving to center. Though at his heart, he remains an avowed Leftist. But on those occasions where he gains sanity, he does bring Leftist insanity to the attention of his audience.

In this latest installment, he invited DeSantis on the show. And it could act as a campaign commercial for the man.

Maher tries to rebuild his image with Conservative people and espousing some conservatism from time to time. He positions himself as neither ally nor enemy. A smart move when trying to gain audience.

One thing is certain. Maher now understands wokeism. But he also understands his role n the world.

During the interview, Maher chided DeSantis that if his campaign were going well, he wouldn’t be on his show. Essentially Maher told DeSantis, “Your desperation is showing!”

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Maher went on to criticize what many refer to as the Vice Presidential Debates. He called the debate a disaster, and hurled many more insults at the debate as well as the debate performers.

But Maher credited DeSantis on his handling of covid.  Further, he scolded The New York Times for publishing a “despicable” piece on DeSantis, noting how buried deep in the article the Times mentioned information about Florida’s covid death rate being lower than the national average.

Rumors are that DeSantis was dragged to his covid politics kicking and screaming. Look at this picture of DeSantis meeting President Trump. Notice who’s masked.

Frankly, I care more about dust bunnies than Bill Maher’s opinions. It’s only taken him decades to come to conclusions I learned by age 9. That said, Maher’s opinions definitely reflect much of Democrats’ and Independents’ feelings about things. But then again, you have the same inclinations.

Let’s see if this appearance on Maher helps or hurts DeSantis. I say it accomplishes little to nothing.


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