2024 Polls: Biden Loses in a Landslide

No amount of election cheating can save Joe Biden in the next presidential election. Even the Dominion-loving Democrats know this.

Americans have witnessed the worst president in American history. And that’s saying something when you consider Barack Obama and of course Jimmy Carter.

Speaking of the latter, Joe Biden faces the worst approval numbers of any president one year out from a reelection bid since Jimmy Carter in 1979. The fallout of Carter’s numbers (and performance) lead to his landslide defeat at the hands of Ronald Reagan.

Mike Miller reported new polling shows that former President Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Biden in polling:

Per the polling data, while Trump leads Biden in five of the six most important battleground states — all of which Biden carried in 2020 — just one year out from the election, Biden continues to suffer from growing serious doubts about everything from his age to his mishandling of the economy to the never-ending border crisis to now, his potentially ominous handling of the Israel-Hamas War.

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If pollsters were honest, they would admit that Trump leads Biden in every poll. And if Democrats were honest, Trump would be in the Oval Office now, and we would have a very different America. But since Democrats are scoundrels who cheat for sport regardless of the outcome, America and the world face desperate problems.

Those problems haven’t gone unnoticed by the public. Undoubtedly Bidenomics and Bidenflation play out in the daily lives of Americans. “It’s the economy stupid”, right.

Gallup puts Biden’s approval rating at an dismal 37 percent. The Daily Mail explains the omen which portends Biden should he get the Democrat nomination:

That is lower at the same stage than his six immediate predecessors – Donald TrumpBarack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

Two of them – Trump and George H.W. Bush – failed to get re-elected despite having higher approval ratings than Biden.

Only Jimmy Carter, who was on 32 per cent, was more unpopular than Biden with a year to go…

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Part of the Setup

Joe Biden will not get the Democrat nomination. I’ve predicted this for some time, and these poll numbers bear me out.

But it’s not the poll numbers, per se. It’s the multiple media outlets letting the cats out of the bags. Joe Biden now faces a full-court press on him getting kicked to the curb.

The Democrats won’t tolerate Biden much longer. So expect lots more negative polls and other press for Joe Biden and family. And the attack on Biden will be multi-pronged.

His performance – Do I really need to explain this? Biden started a war in Ukraine, funded terrorism against Israel (and America), and runs the risk of a third war with Iran. The American economy is in the tank, which impacts the world economy. Add to this the invasion occurring at America’s Southern border, and you get those rotten polls.

His family – Democrats will pressure Joe Biden with threats to his family due to the scandals. If he is the family man he purports to be, this will likely break him.

Biden’s age – Already multiple media outlets mention Biden’s age. Up to now, Democrats have tolerated the old clown, pretending that he’s getting more youthful. But as I’ve not joked, Biden now ages in dog years, and things will get no better health-wise for him.

History of presidents at this point

Examining other presidents at this point, you see the plight of Biden.

At this time in their his term, Ronald Reagan polled a 53 percent approval rating. He went on to defeat Walter Mondale in another landslide.

George H. W.  Bush polled 59 percent, but lost to Bill Clinton due the third-party candidacy of Ross Perot, Sr.

Bill Clinton saw 52 percent approval, and went on to win his second term as did George W. Bush who polled at 54 percent in his final term.

Barack Obama at 43 percent, and got re-elected mostly due to election cheating. Finally Donald Trump reportedly polled at 43 percent, which I find low. Still, if history shows, 43 percent was enough for Trump to win his second term, sans the cheat.

Clearly, Biden has no chance with poll numbers well below 40 percent. At this point, Biden is six points lower than Trump, making it impossible to sell another cheat.

Biden doomed his chances of a repeat coup. And Democrats have abandoned him privately.

The press will seal the deal soon. And you can expect the Uniparty to allow Republicans access to the information needed to sink the good ship Biden.



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