Biden Challenger Causing Major Problems for Democrats

Biden’s support died months ago, though the Kabuki Theater by some Democrats continues for the sake of the public. Or as Democrats would say, for the sake of democracy.

How many times can I report that Biden is “dead man walking”, politically. Damaged goods. And the recent revelations about his newly discovered emails, and more importantly that second check from his brother sounded the final bell on his career.

If only this had happened a few years back the US wouldn’t be fighting a useless war in Ukraine or Gaza.

Astute Democrats recognized what I have been saying for years. Biden has been an unmitigated disaster. And while they see this with their own eyes, they also hear the cocktail circuit talk.

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I start this interview around 5:22. But if you start earlier, you will hear Newsom actually explain how he’s begun his shadow campaign. He’s putting billboards in battleground states, all to help Biden?

But at the place where I start the video, Newsom alludes to the fact that people in Democratic circles talk about Biden’s competency. And not as it compares to that of Trump.

Democrats are scared, and rightfully so. Still they will pretend to battle for Biden, but the war ended.

Reports are that Biden’s allies are taking aim at Democrat presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) for campaigning in New Hampshire. The state’s primary has become a major issue because Biden failed to get on the ballot. And the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) new nominating schedule revoked the Granite State’s cherished status as the first Democrat primary state in the nation. 

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and former Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) have issued highly critical statements of Phillips for campaigning in New Hampshire. But that’s not what really upsets them. The fact that a second Democrat challenger dared to try to unseat the not-so-golden boy showcases the real rift in the Democratic Party. While I don’t anticipate Phillips winning, I do believe the winner lurks in the shadows.

The entry of Phillips means that Biden must campaign. And when Biden campaigns, hilarity ensues. Look at how the man entertained when he had no competitors.

Biden may have hoped to skate through to a second term, thought I doubt that.

From the moment Biden got selected by those who implemented the coup, he was doomed. One of the worse politicians ever, Democrats expected Biden to actually perform well? Fat chance.

Phillips smells the blood in the water.

Phillips may lap the field by getting out early. Regardless, I do believe he will force others into the picture. And I will be pleased to see them tear each other apart, and spend useless money.

Further, the irony of Republican candidate retractions occurring simultaneously, as Democrats bludgeon each other in the LGBT+-approved gladiator arena.

Mike Pence abandoned his post. The former VP had one job, and he failed. Pence was supposed to show that he could steal votes from Trump. But after much “soul-searching”, Pence quit. Put a different way: Pence’s money people saw the foolishness in their plight.

Many other will drop out against Trump, as the number of challengers to Biden grows. But that’s only the beginning of Biden’s problems. Because Republicans have a firm grip on Biden’s naughty bits. Their squeezes will be painful reminders that a second fake term will not happen.

Biden will not recover from this latest salvo by the Republicans. And as I wrote, either resign or get impeached. I predict the Republicans tricked Biden and the Democrats, and have much more salacious dirt against him and his family.

So I say to Democrats, “Don’t be too hard on Dean Phillips.” He may have actually done the Democrats a favor.



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