Black Republican Could Replace Democrat Governor of Kentucky

Meet Daniel Cameron

A black Republican candidate is poised to defeat a fairly popular Democrat governor of Kentucky. But leave it to Republicans to overlook the race.

In what should be trumpeted from the mountains of Appalachia, Republicans say nothing about a potential monumental governor seat flip.

Republican Daniel Cameron is now in a dead heat with Democrat Andy Beshear. Beshear is the only statewide elected Democrat in Kentucky, something that should have never happened. The election of Beshear shows how the RINO element of the Republican Party lives and breathes.

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Kentucky is Mitch McConnell’s state. How in the hell did he allow a Democrat to become governor of a red state?

Beshear served as the state’s attorney general before he ran for governor. And that’s a post no Democrat should attain, given their lawlessness.

Daniel Cameron serves as the current attorney general of the state. And not long ago, Hot Air called his governor’s race one of the races to watch.

Cameron lagged behind Beshear, who I mentioned earlier is a popular governor. In fact, he’s considered one of the ten most popular governors in the country. In Kentucky, Beshear’s approval numbers are 43 percent by Republicans. His response to natural disasters helped him gain popularity. However, he showed his true Leftist colors during the scamdemic, as he promptly locked down the state.

Still, McConnell should have supported a Republican. And this this case a black Republican.

What a statement it would have made for McConnell to make this race a national referendum against Leftism, while showcasing the Republican’s support for a black candidate?

But McConnell refused to do this, because Trump endorsed Cameron during the Republican primary. And Trump chose Cameron over his former U.N. Ambassador, Kelly Craft, also in the race.

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Beshear enjoyed a clear lead until a few weeks ago.

But Trump’s endorsement help Cameron surge. Also, a Soros-aligned group released racist ads in the state against Cameron. One ad declared, “all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk”. That ad backfired.

The one advantage all Republican candidates hold relates to Joe Biden. In Kentucky, Biden holds a 22 percent approval rating. Biden drags down every Democrat ticket, though they would never publicly admit this.

This race is far from over, and appears to be a nail-biter. According to Real Clear Politics, polling from 10/30 to 11/2 shows Cameron at 49 percent and Beshear is at 48 percent. Certainly within the statistic margin.

If this holds, this would be a bigger upset than the margin of victory of Jeff Landry in Louisiana. Moreover, the win would certainly validate what Trump’s endorsement can do for the party as a whole.

But what we need most is for America to discuss this race. Support Cameron to defeat a Democrat and win this gubernatorial seat. I plan to reach out to his campaign to help in any way I can.


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