Democrat Dirty Secret: Biden Can’t Win

Democrats see the future through the past

I laugh out loud at the idea that Joe Biden performed so pathetically as president, Democrats can’t even cheat the man in for a second term.

And even Democrats aren’t stupid enough to want more Biden. After all, they have a myriad of reasons to dump Biden. But the old dog hangs in there like a hair on a biscuit.

Biden has lasted mostly because to destroy him means destroying the Party of Lynching. So while Democrats want to and will get rid of Biden, they must bide their time for the right moment.

That said, Democrats are running out of time; so that right moment must come soon. Because if Biden does manage to get the Democrat nomination, the future looks bleak.

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Robert Romano discusses what portends for Joe Biden, should he survive the gauntlet of a primary.

When Robert Kennedy, Jr. pulled out of the national Democratic presidential primary, opting to run as an independent, it appeared that it might be clearing the way for President Joe Biden to run relatively unopposed in the primary.

Primary challenges, even ones where the incumbent wins, have served as omens for presidents who end up either withdrawing from the presidential race, or end up losing it, including Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

I’ve written extensively on why Biden won’t survive.

He has a dismal record as faux president. But what’s worse is things can’t and won’t get any better under him. Biden has no idea how to implement good policy, except when he’s forced to implement previous Trump policies.

As for Biden policies, both foreign and domestic are tragic. Another subject for another day.

Back to the future.

In the past, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush all had primary challengers in New Hampshire that did better than expected. Of the five only Truman actually lost the primary, and ended up dropping out of the race in 1952 rather than get defeated by Dwight Eisenhower. Johnson barely won in New Hampshire. However he withdrew from the race in 1968.

Finally, Ford, Carter and Bush all won, but ended up losing the general elections in 1976, 1980 and 1992 respectively. According to Romano,

This might have been a fate that Biden could have avoided, that is, until U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) entered the presidential race, particularly in the first in the nation primary in New Hampshire, which Biden and Democrats have sought to bypass by boycotting the primary and hosting the first Democratic primary in South Carolina instead.

Now, even without Kennedy in the Democratic race, Biden stands a solid chance of losing New Hampshire, where he will not be appearing on the ballot in the primary in 2024, even though it would have been relatively easy to run and win as the incumbent president. Now, Biden must wage a write-in candidate campaign against Phillips and challenger Marianne Williamson to avoid being embarrassed early in the presidential contest.

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These won’t be Biden’s only challengers, either.

As the real challengers lurk in the shadows. I expect Gavin Newsom to announce before the end of the year. And I’d bet the farm on that.

Once Newsom announces, the floodgates will open and the Democrats will get at least a dozen candidates all hoping to get cheated into the Oval Office like Biden. And you can bet none of the challengers will be from the old guard.

At nearly 81 years old, Biden is not only old for the presidency, but his mental acumen doesn’t help his chances. His age would make him the oldest president and presidential candidate in history.

Multiple surveys show that most Americans believe Biden is too old to run again. This, with the attempted remaking of Biden as youthful and energetic.

But it’s not just Biden’s age, that has Democrats panicked. It’s his approval (or lack of approval) numbers.

Again, Biden’s chances look grim, unless the powers-that-be would decided to cheat him in again. And they won’t. America has suffered enough.

Biden’s first pure Democrat challenger recognizes the obvious.

“It appears President Joe Biden is going to lose the next election. The numbers are horrific.”

“If you’re a Democratic voter, and you care about 2024, it matters.”

People speak often of the anti-Trump vote. I assure you that the anti-Biden vote looms much larger in the 20204 election. Further, Democrats should anticipate the anti-Democrat vote, a base that grows daily. Because they are the reason Biden can’t possibly get a second term.







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