Democrats Losing Massive Ground in Messaging

Democrat say, “You may be broke in reality, but you’re not broke on paper. Don’t believe your lying reality!”

Astonishingly, Democrats expect this message to work. While people suffer from Bidenomics and Bidenflation, Joe Biden refutes people’s reality with data.

Americans are living the harsh existence created when Democrats cheated President Donald Trump out of his rightful second term. And as Politico reported, they aren’t buying Biden’s message:

Throughout September and October, top Biden allies reportedly met with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC). The group presented data that the “Bidenomics” branding leaves Americans unconvinced about the state of the economy.

According to this poll presented to the White House, just 35% of Americans trusted Democrats over Republicans on economic issues. Also, 7 out of 10 Americans did not believe the economy was improving, despite being told that unemployment was at record lows and that inflation was easing.

The reason for the disjoint is obvious: manipulated data.

Team Biden wants people to believe the economy is improving? Improving over what? The previous year of Biden’s crappy economy? Because Bidenomics certainly doesn’t represent improvement over the Trump era economy. er the last year, when Joe Biden decimated the economy?

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Voters now have a clear point of demarcation. The Trump Era vs The Biden Era. Hardly a more stark contrast exists politically.

People were far better off under Trump than Biden. But Biden wants to pencil-whip the Trump administration, and hide behind covid funds added to Trump’s budget. Biden reduced the bloated deficit, but not even close to pre-covid numbers.

In another example, Biden touts his job creation numbers, when clearly most of that “creation” came from people who returned to pre-covid jobs. Clever math, if you’re selling your message to idiots.

For Leftists Democrats, those fake statistics showcase how well Democrats perform. Fake.

“We’re working every day to show the American people what President Biden and Congressional Democrats have delivered,” White House spokesperson Michael Kikukawa told Politico. “We will continue reaching out to the portion of Americans who are not yet aware of those incredibly popular accomplishments.”

Incredibly popular accomplishments? I feel like I’m watching an episode of The Stepford Wives.

When inflation eats up your wage increases and you deplete your savings to survive, statistics don’t help. The Biden administration is drunk on statistics, so much so they ignore reality.

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A few messages on Biden’s economy.

Great comments from the article.

The suffering from massive inflation, depleted savings and maxed-out credit cards sounds pretty “connected” to the rest of us, Joe. – Paxton Worth

Interest rates are killing the average American. And we are well aware of the rosy unemployment numbers scam. U6, or U3 numbers Joey? U3 is the version Joe Biden is using. It’s a calculation using all the people actively looking for work. The U6 number is the real unemployment rate. It is a calculation based on the numbers of people out of work, and underemployed (not including retirees). So even all the welfare dependent folks who aren’t bothering to look for work are factored into the U6 number. And of course, you think the millions of illegal aliens are factored into either number? Of course not. How is it that 4 million (known) unemployed, illegal immigrants haven’t caused the unemployment needle to rise?

The predictions for next year are pretty dire. How many layoffs? Who knows, but it could be a bloodbath. And being as that the annual interest on the debt is a whopping $1Trillion, bailouts would completely destroy our fiscal solvency. The only people disconnected from reality are Biden and his denialist cronies. – Chris Hill

All these comments reflect what’s happening in the polls. People are concerned about their (in)ability to pay their bills.

Anyone who buys anything knows the truth. – James Kelly

Thanks to Joe Biden – Shoplifting is now a profitable skill! – Vindics Candidas

Just look at home costs, construction costs, loan rates. Then see what groceries cost. Try to take a family of 4 to even a fast food place. $50 bucks. Poof. Joe, it is you who is disconnected from reality. – point place

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The people have spoken. And given this article is not from a conservative source, I suggest the Democrats heed things closer.

Joe Biden and the Democrats find themselves in big trouble. Their messaging resonates with nobody. And I think it’s safe to say that they have lost ground with every voting bloc.

I’ve said many times, that I hope I’m wrong about Biden being the nominee for Democrats. While I believe Donald Trump will beat any stooge the Party of Lynching of Negroes chooses, I do like the idea of a Trump rematch with Biden. It will be a political bloodbath, with Trump bathing in the blood of Joe Biden.


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