Donald Trump bringing the Black Vote to Republicans

Losing the black votes represents Democrats biggest fear. Actually, it’s Democrats’ second biggest fear.

Democrats’ biggest fear is losing the black vote to Donald Trump.

And it’s happening. Black voters are waking up to the Democratic Party; or as I like to say, “waking up from woke”. And Donald Trump can take much of the credit for the awakening.

If you want to know why Democrats cheat in elections, it’s because they have no solid block of voters any more. Truthfully, the Black vote eroded in the last election, aka the coup. Trump received a disproportionate share of the black vote; enough to create panic with Democrats.

Because Democrats can’t win without the black vote. But it’s not necessarily because of the numbers or percentages. The bigger reason Democrats depend on the black vote has to do with how this small percentage of the population rallies behind Leftist causes. That squeaky wheel the black vote has provided for every Democrat wet dream can create havoc all over the country.

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If Democrats want any stupid legislation passed, they enlist the support of black voters. And far too many idiot black voters oblige The Party of Lynching of Negroes because Democrats pay for that political thuggery.

“No justice, no peace!”

Democrats have bought the black vote for decades, and they use black voters for the most nonsensical whims; many of which ultimately destroy black communities.

The wake-up call.

But things are changing. And as I have opined on this topic, Democrats are their own worst enemies.

Their targeting of Trump provided a wake-up call to blacks. No longer were black people the only victims of profiling and discrimination. Blacks discovered that former ex-president billionaire Republicans suffer the same fate of the oppressed Negro. Yes, Democrats actually exposed the game. They target and oppress anybody who won’t further the narrative set by the Party of Oppression.

The polls bear this out. Fox News reported,

While the 2024 presidential election still looks most likely to be a nail-biter, the two primary contests are currently blowouts.

Former President Donald Trump leads the GOP nomination race with the backing of a record 62% of Republican primary voters in a new Fox News survey. That translates to a roughly 50-point gap between Trump and Ron DeSantis (14%), and Nikki Haley (11%). Vivek Ramaswamy (7%), Chris Christie (3%), and Asa Hutchinson (1%) trail even further.

Nail-biter? LOL. In a fair election, Trump beats Biden (or any other Democrat) by a landslide

No candidate on either side of the aisle or in between has Trump’s numbers.

Worse for the Democrats is the fact that Trump supporters are dyed in the wool. Name a single candidate who has the numbers and the voter dedication anywhere close to Trump.

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With the full frontal assault on Trump, he defies the odds, up 3 percent from the previous month. And now the bad news for the Republican field and the Democrats.

“Other” dropped from 6 percent to 1 percent from September to November. Of the 5 percent drop, Trump picked up 2 percent of the 5 percent, thus 40 percent of “Other”. This doesn’t bode well for the field. Because it validates that when people like Pence and Scott drop out, their voters shift to Trump.

I would bet that Trump will ultimately pick up even more of the “Other” vote, as other traitorous Republicans exit the field. In particular, when Ramaswamy leaves the race, Trump will jump close to 70 percent.

As for Biden, The Rock (sellout) mentioned recently that Hollywood supports the Democratic Party; not necessarily Joe Biden. Duh! Thanks for the obvious.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who openly supports Biden who isn’t a direct benefactor of his grift. Still, Fox News reports that among Democratic primary voters, Biden leads with 72 percent. That puts him well ahead of Marianne Williamson (13%) and newly announced Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips (3%).

Ok, I’ll play. Sure those are impressive numbers; if Biden weren’t a sitting president.

But the idea that Marianne Williamson can garner double-digits sends shock waves up the gelatinous spines of the Democrats. But the news won’t get any better.

While Trump’s numbers grow, the man who supposedly got 81 million votes in 2020 will only watch his numbers go down. Way down.

Other Democrats will enter the race, and things will grow ugly fast for Biden. He’s already hinting of his departure, as he praised Gavin Newsom in a recent speech at APEC. His comments on Newsom signaled to Kamala Harris that her days are numbered, as well. And the Congressional Black Circus will be forced to address this.



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