Foiled Terror Attack in Houston Texas

has Joe Biden's fingerprints all over it

Christopher Wray warned Americans that Biden made us vulnerable. Of course he didn’t blame Biden, but he should have.

Biden financed the Hamas terror attack against Israel. Perhaps worse, Biden also financed the future terror attacks against America. And they’ve already started.

On October 19, Sohaib Abuayyash, 20, was arrested on gun charges in Texas. He possessed a variety of firearms with a non-immigrant visa. That act by itself is illegal.

Abuayyash was plotting a horrific terror attack against the Jewish community in Houston. He visited a number of gun ranges, while also researching how to make explosive devices.

Holy Mother of J6, but the feds have not filed terrorism charges against Abuayyash.

Exactly what does a Jew-hating man of Muslim descent have to hit the terrorism radar?

If he were an unarmed J6 protestor, you can bet he’d be in prison and treated like an enemy combatant. But plan to kill a few Jews, and all get is a gun charge. That’s all the FBI and ATFE are charging him with at the moment.

With a case like that, Abuayyash will be back on the street within hours. But what may be more interesting is how the fake news media characterizes such incidents. Townhall noted how CNN attempted to sanitize the headline: Jordanian arrested in Houston made statements supporting killing individuals of particular faiths, judge’s order says.

Individuals of faith? As in the Jewish faith?

How long will it take before the media reminds us that we should not stereotype the attacks by Muslims on Jews and everybody else. Then the “Stop Muslim hate” signs will be everything, though no Muslim hate can be found. Why look for actual Muslim hate when it can just as easily be created in the imaginations of Leftists.

Joe Biden and other Leftists created this hate-fueled anti-Semitism permeating America and the world.

The time is now to end the very real anti-Semitism. And while we’re at it, we need to ignore the fake racism, sexism, and other isms Leftists create.

The money that allows these terrorists to train and infiltrate countries around the world comes from funding by the Biden administration.


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