Gavin Newsom Admits He Must Clean Up His Act

The Chinese are coming

Gavin Newsom knows when to clean up his act. Usually when the spotlight is about to be on him, he does exactly that.

Everybody knows that San Francisco has become a pig sty. You can hardly walk the streets without stepping on hypodermic needles or stool from the “unhoused”. Unhoused is the new term for the homeless. But some of the “unhoused” do have houses. Their houses are tents or made of cardboard. And their encampments resemble life in a Third World nation.

The news report below showcases the dissatisfaction of denizens of San Francisco at the ever increasing “unhoused” problem:

But when the time comes to show off San Francisco, the powers that be spring into action.

San Francisco officials may not heed the cries of citizens, but they do respond to the Chinese. Thus, the city cleared out homeless camps and public drug markets before top world leaders and CEOS, and tens of thousands of other attendees, arrived in the Bay Area for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC).

The 2023 summit will occur from November 11 to 17, and includes leaders of 21 countries and regions. Attendees include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, and his boss, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Regarding of Xi Jinping, Gavin Newsom recently returned from China, a trip he took in preparation for his soon-to-be-announced presidential run. Newsom couldn’t host the man who could be his boss without cleaning the crown jewel of his state.

What would Xi Jinping think of Newsom if he were shown the urban decay that occurred under Newsom’s watch?

Newsom justified pushing out the “unhoused” and cleaning up San Francisco with this statement.

“I know folks are saying, ‘Oh, they’re just cleaning up this place because all those fancy leaders are coming to town.’ That’s true because it’s true — but it’s also true for months and months and months before APEC, we’ve been having conversations.”

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Funny how Newsom actually think this statement helps his cause.

What he’s saying is that it took the “Super Bowl of World Economies” for California to actually solve a massive problem.

Any bets on how fast these encampments will return once APEC has left?

As homeless encampments, open-air drug markets, and crime continue to sweep some areas of the city, internal emails obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle showed city officials were “concerned about historical encampments that are close to priority areas” and needed to format a plan to “stay on top of the growing encampments.”

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Where will the Chinese get their coffee?

San Francisco is a microcosm of the bigger issues facing California. And Gavin Newsom sits at the epicenter of these massive problems.

His answer puts band-aids on bullet holes. Newsom doesn’t want to solve problems long-term. He just wants small fixes here and there that he will take credit for.

Gavin Newsom can’t clean up San Francisco enough to get elected president; at least not in a fair election. But he will never stop putting lipstick on a pig to make himself look like the perfect candidate.

I’m betting America is too smart to get fooled by this con artist.


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