Hunter Biden’s Art of the Deal

and how his "art" will help bring down his family

Ok, you can stop laughing at the idea of Hunter Biden’s “art”. I use the term “art” loosely, as I’ve seen better “art” in kindergarten.

And Hunter’s “art” may have helped get his family in a pickle.

Since Democrats now allow free speech on the Biden crime family, the Republicans issued subpoenas for Hunter Biden and one of his uncles. And those subpoenas only begin the madness about to befall America’s premier crime family.

Now that the Republicans have actual bank records, they can press the Bidens on the obvious: the shady family “business” of selling access to the big guy. Moreso, they will be able to prove that Joe Biden played his part in selling out America.

Part of that discovery deals with how the Bidens acquired and hid money. Thus, Hunter’s “art” has finally re-entered the discussion.

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When you look into the dealings of the Biden family, two things stand out.

  1. All of the companies or organizations involved were under some investigation or had sketchy business dealings.
  2. All of the people involved were funders or supporters of the Biden family or the Democrats in general.

In neither case are the people necessarily solid citizens looking out for the interest of the public. Most of the people involved with the Bidens couldn’t care less for “the greater good”. All of these people looked to either profit directly from Joe Biden’s ability to impact policy on their behalf. Or they profited from the proximity to Biden at the expense of others, still enlisting his help.

To get to the bottom of this art ruse, House Republicans subpoenaed Hunter Biden‘s art dealer and a Democratic donor who has purchased Hunter’s paintings, among others.

The Daily Mail reports,

Georges Bergès, who has been overseeing the sale of Hunter’s paintings, will be called in to testify before the House Oversight Committee, as will Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a Los Angeles real estate developer who paid big bucks for Hunter’s amateur artwork.

Also facing new subpoenas are Hunter’s former business associates Eric Schwerin and Chinese businessman Mervyn Yan.

It was revealed earlier this year that Naftali purchased some of Hunter Biden’s paintings.

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One can only imagine the crap storm that would be hitting if we were discussing the Trump family.

Imagine if Donald Trump used Don Jr’s third-grade art to launder money to his family; and how the media would report it. Moreover, if Trump bundlers and supporters aided in the farce? Yet, Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., wrote on X of the Biden donation bundler and mega-donor:

‘Naftali’s 3-year-old niece is currently being held hostage by Hamas, yet @RepJamesComer is spending his time subpoenaing a private citizen as part of his wild goose chase rather than working to return her family from captivity. This is a new low from House Republicans.’

It’s a “new low” to investigate one of the most crooked families in politics? And why investigate Naftali?

In July 2022, eight months after Hunter’s exhibition opened in New York CityJoe Biden appointed Naftali to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. It’s not clear whether she had already purchased the art at that time.

Naftali got on the Biden radar, because she’s known in prominent Democratic circles in the state of Californicate.

She’s donated around $13,000 to the Biden campaign and $29,700 to the Democratic National Campaign Committee this year. That’s enough to get you noticed, but the limits don’t express all one might be willing to do. So why not show more support of Biden in a more unconventional way.

So Naftali bought Hunter’s art. This provided Hunter with hooker and blow money, and let’s not forget that ten percent for the big guy. You can give a LOT more to Joe Biden in a deal like this, than you can give through traceable methods.

Last year Naftali hosted a fundraiser that was headlined by Kamala Harris. So clearly Naftali acted as a bundler for the Bidens. No harm no foul. But as it pertains to Hunter’s “art”, it’s unclear what Naftali spent.

It’s been verified that a single purchaser spent $875,000 on 11 of Hunter’s paintings. Who that person is has yet to be determined.

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Thus, the committee requested interviews with some of the other people involved with the Bidens.

For example Americore Health Trustee Carol Fox might be asked to explain that $600,000 sent to James Biden, when that company was in financial triage.

Business associate Joey Langston has been subpoenaed, as has Ukrainian-American businessman and longtime donor to Joe Biden, John Hynansky, and associate Jason Galanis.

‘The House Oversight Committee is leaving no stone unturned as we investigate President Joe Biden’s central role in his family’s domestic and international business dealings,’ Comer said.

Let’s see if the House Oversight Committee can unpack the lies related to Hunter’s “art”, as told by the Bidens. Recall that the White House previously announced that a team of lawyers had reviewed sales of Hunter’s “art”. They said at the time that they were keeping purchasers anonymous as a way to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

How altruistic of them. Who are “they”, though? That list seems to be as protected as Jeffrey Epstein’s client list. But we may soon know the truth.

What we do know is the “art” gallery received a 40 to 45 percent commission on the total $1,379,000 in sales. Now we just need to know who bought this “art”, and how are they connected to the Bidens. And yes, they will be connected to the Bidens.

I do want to correct the record. Hunter is an artist; a con artist.



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