Leftist J6 Narrative Officially Debunked

Will Republicans capitalize?

We can officially declare the supporters of J6 as an insurrection as lying skanks.

I can hardly wait to see how the “fact-checkers” handle the actual evidence from videos. Well, I have two facts they can begin with:

  • Fact One: Democrats stole the 2020 Presidential Election. And they knew that Trump would protest it.
  • Fact Two: Democrats then concocted J6 in an effort to cover their crime.

Those two facts are as immutable as the sunrise and the sunset.

By now it should be clear that I’m an “election denier”. Correction: a proud election denier. And I know that some may ask for proof that Democrats cheated in the election. To that I say, “Grow the hell up!”

Anybody with a brain knows they cheated. Then they brazenly dared us to prove it. And when we did, they denied it, and stacked the deck in creative ways to ensure the truth would not be revealed to the satisfaction of their minions. Frankly, those lies continue, despite overwhelming common-sense proof of the fact.

But cheating proof notwithstanding, what we do have proof of is the J6 nonsense spread by the kangaroo court J6 Committee and others.

Democrats paid protestors to pretend to be Trump supporters. And you can bet the farm that wherever people raised hell in DC or did anything remotely illegal, the participants were paid Democrat operatives. Next, Democrats needed to legitimize things.  So they authorized Capitol Hill police to arrest a few true pro-Trump persons in the area, using geo-tracking.

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Ray Epps provides ample proof of the J6 orchestration.

The FBI refused to comment about Epps when asked by Congress if Epps worked for them. This simple question revealed much.

Because if Epps didn’t work for the Feds, the answer would have been a swift, “No.” So by not answering, the FBI confirmed what we already knew: in some way Epps worked for the FBI. But Epps is just the icing on the cake.

The J6 videos answered many questions. To begin with, why not publish the videos in the first place?

The answer given is that the videos might expose agents working clandestinely, aka undercover. Another bogus argument; outside of Epps, no other agents of the government were spotted or outed.

What is revealed in the videos from an “insurrection” perspective looks like citizens visiting a museum. Security guards weren’t frightened. In most of the footage, Capitol Hill police did absolutely nothing. Nothing being standing and watching.

Yet Pelosi spoke of the “unspeakable horror that led to extraordinary heroism”.

Unbelievably, Democrats played this sham out to the point of giving awards. The highest award given by Congress. And to a total snow job.

Congressman Jamie Raskin–part of the January 6 lynch mob–stated this lie about showing video evidence of this Democrat-sponsored attempt to coverup the coup:

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A security risk?

Now that we’ve seen the footage, I’m hard-pressed to see the risk. The idea, according to Raskin is that bad guys can get the schematic of the building? What a stretch.

I remind you that the first lie was that releasing the videos would expose potential FBI and other “chs”: confidential human sources.

No, what the videos would expose are the lies of the J6 Committee and all those who strategized with them. Honestly, we didn’t need these videos to know the truth. But that video evidence illuminates things even more.

The reason Democrats fought to keep these videos from the public is very simple. They knew they couldn’t sell their bullsh*t narrative if the public had seen them.

Americans need to trust the system and the people in charge of that system. That trust is broken for most of us. And the only way to fix it is to ensure that those who broke it are punished.

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