Newly Discovered 82000 Emails are the Least of Biden’s Worries

Hard to believe, but the 82,000 new emails found in a FOIA search of Joe Biden won’t be what brings down Joe Biden. Still, let’s understand how they figure in the strategy against Joe “Transparency” Biden.

Biden refused to turn over bank records on his multiple LLCs. Nor would he turn over documents related to his personal LLC where he and Dr. Jill banked millions over a short period of time.

For years, Joe Biden has declared that he received no funds from overseas, “not one red cent”. Further, Biden the Elder claimed he knew nothing about his son’s businesses, and emphatically stated that nobody in his family received any money from overseas, particularly China.

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I published an article recently that debunks all of the above. Joe Biden got his cut of his family’s shady deals. And he tried to hide his crime by declaring his part of the booty, “loan repayments”. This will be his undoing; but let’s continue connecting dots.

Biden has yet to explain the $5 million discrepancy between his taxes and his financial disclosure. Moreover, the media had no interest in Biden taking down his 2016 through 2018 taxes for a short while.

Checks from his brother notwithstanding, what’s the deal with the $250,000 wire sent to Joe and Jill Biden’s house, though Hunter wasn’t living there?

Biden claimed that a Ukrainian prosecutor was corrupt, and strategized to have the man fired. It has been proven that Biden’s actions went against existing State Department policy at the time. The only people who benefitted from Shokin’s firing were Burisma and the Biden family enterprise.

Now Biden’s next big problem emails.

Joe Biden likely had legitimate secondary, tertiary, or more emails. Most people do. Ian Sams, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, addressed the use of Biden pseudonyms on X, formerly Twitter.

“Just when you think @HouseGOP shenanigans can’t get dumber they start fussing about email ‘pseudonyms,;” Sams wrote.

“Newsflash: government leaders for decades have used aliases to avoid spam & hacking Did they think he was just joe dot biden @? LOL Wonder what some Congressmen’s emails are!” he added.

Sams wants to mock the idea of having email pseudonyms. But there are legitimate reasons to question their use in the Biden case.

According to Breitbart:

The use of alias email accounts by Joe Biden raises concerns because it is unusual, suspicious, and “shady,” experts and lawmakers previously told Breitbart News. The use of a private email for official business is discouraged by law. 

Public servants should use their assigned email(s), so that we maintain a record of their activities on behalf of America. When they go off script, as both Biden and Hillary Clinton have, you must question their motives.

Breitbart continues,

The email aliases — “Robert Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and “JRB Ware” — were used to share government information and discuss business with Hunter Biden and associates. Breitbart News reported in September that Joe Biden used a fourth alias (“auks”) in 2010 to communicate with his family. 

The 82,000 pages of emails appear to match the previous trove of 5,400 emails and records linked to Joe Biden’s email aliases that NARA revealed in August.

The contents of the emails are unknown. NARA released the total of the pages due to a status report regarding the Southeastern Legal Foundation’s FOIA request.

But there is more to just the email names. What is the content in each might explain how the Biden crime family worked.  For example, if nobody refers to Joe Biden by name, I’d call that a red flag.

Regardless, the coverup begins to keep these emails from being known. Because despite Biden’s strict rule to never mention him by name, you can bet his crackhead son screwed the pooch somewhere. It’s only a matter of time.

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Newsweek explains how we got here:

That request came as part of House Republicans’ investigation into the president and the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. The White House has repeatedly denied that Biden had any involvement in Hunter Biden’s business affairs.

Comer said in his letter that the Oversight Committee wants to see: “Email Messages To and/or From Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden related to Burisma and Ukraine”

In the court filing on Monday, counsel for NARA and the Southeastern Legal Foundation provided a joint preliminary report and plan for discovery in the lawsuit. That filing was made in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

The report said that NARA had identified about 82,000 pages that are “potentially responsive” to the FOIA lawsuit.

“NARA has completed a search for potentially responsive documents and is currently processing those documents for the purpose of producing non-exempt portions of any responsive records on a monthly rolling basis,” the filing said.

“Given the scope of Plaintiff’s FOIA request, which seeks copies of all emails in three separate accounts over an eight-year period, the volume of potentially responsive records is necessarily large,” the filing says.

It also notes that: “Plaintiff intends to propose, and the parties will discuss, options to narrow the FOIA request in efforts to resolve this matter more expeditiously.”

The emails won’t be needed to make the case against Biden. But they would be helpful for Republicans to close the loop on this.

I’m excited to see how Democrats and other Leftists handle what I’ve warned them about for years.


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