Republican Strategy that Crushes Biden and Democrats

I feel the need to offer another Republican 2024 election strategy. And it’s dramatically different from my original one that destroys Biden.

To help explain what I now think has a distinct possibility of happening, I want to reference what an acquaintance of mine, Kevin McCullough wrote:

The primary season is here.

You know that people are touting for their preferred candidates from all the endorsements. And since I have a microphone, a TV camera, and a keyboard, all the candidates have wanted me to know why they think they are left standing.

Nikki Haley’s team has mastered the art of texting me 78 times per day. Ron DeSantis zero texts, but quickly proffers current office holders and former Trump supporters’ endorsements as soon as they happen. Ramaswamy’s strategy to be the Trumpiest non-Trump in the race has sort of fallen apart (and his numbers reflect it.) And the disgraceful former Governor of New Jersey is still banking on down-splaining to the base why they’re wrong, and he’s right is going about as well as you’d think it would.

The silliest part of it is that none of it matters because none of them will be the nominee and likely won’t even be on the ticket, in the cabinet, or even on the shortlist.

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McCullough nails it. None of these candidates matters. As I’ve written only two Republican challengers to Trump exist:

  1. The anti-Trumper who was funded to make it look like everybody hates Trump. These are people like Mike Pence, Tim Scott, and others soon to drop out. None of them have, had, or will have traction.
  2. The person auditioning for a spot in Trump’s second administration. At this point only Ramaswamy qualifies. And yes, he is auditioning with his “Trumpiest non-Trump” campaign.

McCullough continues, as he explains the media narrative for the candidacies:

The media really tried hard to make their candidacies “a thing.” Radio and Television networks did contests to give away seats at the debates—the lowest watched in modern history.

Basically, everyone who wished it has tried everything they could wish for, and the result has had one outcome: Donald Trump has a bigger lead.

If anything proves Trump’s dominance, it’s the so-called Republican debates. McCullough’s main comment on the debates reveals the obvious. The person who won all debates never even participated in them.

McCullough discusses the knockout punch to the establishment with something that occurred over the weekend. Look at this video which explains it all:

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McCullough reminded us that “Trump had a similar moment in Iowa in New Hampshire, and he gobsmacked the DeSantis team with his reception in Florida.”

I’m not sure which events he’s writing about but I saw Trump at this UFC event. Same result.

McCullough has seen enough. So he predicts the Republican primaries:

Trump will win the Iowa caucuses on 1/15. This will likely dismantle the “Ron DeSantis as Ted Cruz” narrative for this cycle.

On 1/23, President Trump will win New Hampshire. This will mercifully put down the Chris Christie “campaign.” But with two wins in a row, it will put pressure on Haley and DeSantis. Look for one (DeSantis) to endorse the other (Haley.) The thinking here is that South Carolina is where Trump can be stopped.

But they forgot about 2/3 where Trump will win Nevada. Then, on 2/24, Trump will score a smashing win in South Carolina — a couple of weeks before Super Tuesday.

If Trump goes 4-0 out of the gate—and every bit of data I can find seems to point to it- then he is the nominee for all practical purposes.

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Game. Set. Match.

But what about the Democrats?

By now many of my readers know my prediction. Biden’s inevitable indictment in the first quarter of next year. Actually I have predicted as early as January. But I hope I’m wrong.

I hope that Republicans allow Biden to shoot off the rest of his feet. He’s forced to campaign, because he has challengers. And while I would love to embroil Biden in the controversies of his own making, I’m happy to see this get drawn out.

By keeping Biden with a hope and a prayer, Republicans prevent other Democrats from joining, specifically Gavin Newsom. Understand that I have no fear of Newsom as a candidate, there is just no reason to shift gear. Let Trump have his rematch and kick the crap out of that old clown.

Democrats do NOT want another four years of Biden, so let’s make them tell the world. Admit their mistake.

McCullough explains,

The Democrats have really messed up their primary schedule, where they would benefit from the media interest in holding their primaries on the same days as the Republicans they have chosen because of internal bickering not to do so. This only aids Biden as challengers have no larger scrum to draw attention from.

They also have the low energy, low performing, least liked incumbent in the modern era.

When the field is cleared the Republicans can systematically begin laying out the general campaign narrative and driving it home. Define the economy, define the national security threats, and define the migration crises that the voters already intuitively feel.

Basically, the battle to win the middle gets a jump start for the man who can already claim with credibility that he fixed it once—now “give him a chance to fix it for good.”

For the putzes who just want to “move on” from election cheating, consider this a win. But once Trump is back in office, he can ensure that Democrats never get to cheat at that level again.

A Trump-Biden rematch is exactly what the doctor ordered. Only this time, Trump will win his rightful second term.




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