The Major War Inside the Democratic Party

I speak often of the problems of the Left. If the media reported on Democrats honestly, their party would shatter into dust.

Kurt Schlichter wrote of their internal struggles:

But the Democrats face a different issue, an existential one. It’s very hard to have a coalition that includes factions that want to murder other factions of your party. Progressive Jewish Democrats have been an important component of the Democrats for a century. Now, the woke left faction has decided that it is going to center its intersectionality around the elimination of the Jews. And they don’t even really try to hide it. They deny antisemitism, and then swing right into it. With them, it’s not even a dogwhistle. It’s a bullhorn.

At least one Democrat understands this one of the many problems facing his party. And that surprise Democrat is Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA).

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Matt Vespa wrote of Fetterman,

It’s that time when some Democrats, with whom you don’t share anything politically, tend to surprise. On the Israel-Hamas war, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) has been one of those people. He’s not shy about his views. As Israel’s war rages against Hamas, the Pennsylvania Democrat has plastered his office walls with the missing persons posters of those the terror group kidnapped during their vicious October 7 attacks that left 1,400 Israelis dead.

Check out the video of Fetterman showing his support for Israel, as he leaves his office.

I’ve said on my radio show often that Republican problems pale in comparison to the Party of Lynching of Negroes.

Republicans evolve better. The party rids itself of the waste; those who don’t aspire to and achieve the ideals of republicanism. Even BLM leaders now support Trump.

However, Democrats devolve to whatever the fashionable whim of the day may be.

Schlichter writes,

The Democrats have an even bigger challenge. Half of their party wants to murder the other half.

When a huge portion of your electorate is genocide-curious toward another huge portion of your electorate, you’ve got real problems. The Dem party leader has to walk a tightrope. The problem is, Dem party leader Joe Biden can barely walk a sidewalk. He’s got to balance these two different groups, the Palesimpians who never met a terrorist they didn’t like or Jew they didn’t want to see murdered, and the regular Democrats, who have gotten pretty leftist themselves, but aren’t willing to take the leap into embracing a new Holocaust. And make no mistake, a new Holocaust is exactly what the wokesters are talking about when they chant “From the river to the sea.”

Think Schlichter is kidding? Democrats kill for their bent ideologies. Republicans need not just sit back and watch. Help Democrats complete their destruction by just talking about it.

Understand that this is but ONE war inside the Democratic Party. We can spin this group of misfit on themselves with barely a nudge.



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