Trump: The Genius the Left Love to Hate

I started writing this piece back in 2017. Trump Derangement Syndrome had only recently been diagnosed at the time. Well now the disease is in full swing for Democrats.

The CDC uses the term “hot” to describe diseases that move into the very infectious stage. And the infection only got worse in the three years after Trump was deposed.

As Tim Mostert wrote of genius in 2017:

Every so often in the history of achievement, you get what I call the “20-hour a day guy.”  These are people who survive on very little sleep, usually 3-4 hours a night, and spend the other 20 hours a day working at a feverish pace.

The most notable example is the Renaissance artist Michelangelo, who was the greatest painter, sculptor, architect and even poet of his lifetime.  Michelangelo’s output of work is so staggering, it takes years of study just to view it, so the idea of one person actually producing that much work defies comprehension.

If you’ve ever been to Rome or Florence, or looked through an Art History book, you’ve seen some of his work. In sculpture, Michelangelo is known for the David, the Pietá, Moses, The Medici Tombs, and many other works, carved out of solid marble.  All carved by hand, with no electricity to run pneumatic polishers or grinders, or to provide electric light.

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, in 4 years no less, and it’s arguably the greatest achievement in painting, ever.

In the same chapel, many years later, he painted The Last Judgment over the altar, another mind-bogglingly great artistic feat.

Michelangelo’s art alone qualifies him as a genius. However like Trump, Michelangelo did much more as the article suggests.

Michelangelo also designed great architecture, like the dome of St Peter’s at the Vatican, and a famous library in Florence.  His poetry output was so great, and of such a high standard, that he was considered the greatest poet of the 16th century.

Art, architecture, poetry, flight, even war machines were but a few of the things Michelangelo excelled in. Which brings me to Trump.

Trump’s marketing prowess alone qualifies him as a genius. But he was much more than a marketing machine, because like Michelangelo, Trump creates.

Trump creates buildings, golf courses, resorts, TV shows, books, ties, and much more. Mostert continued,

Donald Trump now knows how to get more done, and with less frustration, because he’s seen how it works.  Just as important, he’s managed to win over people who are essential to the process, but who previously didn’t think he was up to it.

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The people who wanted Trump to face Hillary Clinton never believed he would win. But they had even less confidence in his ability to perform.

They refused to see the genius in Trump. And Trump stumped them all.

The man wasn’t all fluff. And in fact he wasn’t even some fluff. Trump was and is the real deal. Moreover, post-coup Trump remains formidable.

Compare Trump to Obama or Joe Pedo. Obama couldn’t win another election, if his life depended on it. And the Democrats plan to jettison Biden from the boat at the first hard turn.

While the Republican establishment wants Trump gone, he will not go away. Trump is “sticky”. His supporters are loyal like nobody has seen in decades. And he gains power each day, particularly as the comparisons to Biden accumulate.

Things like the war in Ukraine and the attack on Israel. The world knows that neither of these wars would have happened under Trump. Also, people recognize how good they had things during the Trump Era. Things like affordable rents, mortgages, gasoline, and yes food.

Today, preserving the simple things constitute genius.


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