Trump’s Second Term Revenge

I’ve never seen Democrats and other Leftists so scared. They have panicked at the prospect of a Trump second term.

When you consider all they did to stop Trump the first time, you get a general idea of their fear. However, their inability to wipe Trump off the face of the Earth catapulted them to DefCon 1.

Instead of destroying Trump, they martyred him; though not posthumously, politically speaking. Trump is alive and well, and so is his movement. The MAGA movement.

These Trump zealots have been belittled by Leftists in political circles and in media, yet proudly accept being referred to as MAGATs. I guess “election deniers” just didn’t have that cache needed to get Trumpians to repent.

Now, the Trump supporter represents the most sticky supporter in politics. Joe Biden wishes he endeared such emotion from his supporters, many of whom now back Trump.

Speaking of Biden, the irony that Leftist want to prevent a second Trump term after witnessing Joe Biden’s coup-created first term. If there were a second term prospect we should fear, it’s Biden’s second term.

Sadly for America, Biden’s second term is not feared; because Biden is controllable. Don’t believe me, just ask the Chinese. Or worse, just ask the “wittle” Ukrainians.

Ukrainian funny-man-turned-president Zelenskyy has Joe Biden by his tiny balls. And Zelenskyy has managed to bilk over $200 billion from Biden due to the crooked deals in Ukraine by the Biden crime family. That can’t happen with Trump.

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So what would a Trump second term mean? The Hill believes Trump wants retribution.

Former President Trump told his supporters earlier this year he would be their “retribution” if reelected.

He told supporters last week he would direct the Justice Department (DOJ) to investigate “every Marxist prosecutor in America.”

And Trump over the weekend vowed to “root out … the radical-left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country.”

Trump’s own words have made increasingly clear how fixated he is on revenge and targeting his perceived enemies if he wins a second term in the White House next November. The former president has openly mused in recent days that his own indictment has “released the genie out of the box” and would allow him to weaponize the government against his opponents.

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In case you wonder why Democrats openly show their “get Trump at all cost” strategy, understand their fear of having done to them what they have done to Trump.

Imagine a defanged Leftist DOJ replaced with one that has all the permissions granted the Left? The ability to spy on journalists, campaign, even private citizens. Then target anybody for destruction.

And Trump has no problem letting the Left know that he plans to make them live by rules they established.

“What they’ve done is they’ve released the genie out of the box,” Trump said in an interview aired Thursday by Spanish-language outlet Univision.

Democrats only like it when things go their way. How dare Trump threaten to apply the rules established by Democrats to them. If only they could use a racism or sexism angle. All they have is an ideological argument.

As Trump fights 91 indictments, Democrats try to wage a policy argument?

“His policies are not centered around improving the lives of his supporters or Americans in general, it’s centered around consolidating power for Trump, and that way he can wield it to enact that revenge on anyone he deems as an enemy,” said Sarah Matthews, a former Trump White House and campaign press aide who resigned over the Jan. 6 riots.

“And that is what is scary, and I wish that was penetrating through more in the minds of voters,” Matthews added.

I chuckle at the idea that Democrats fear that Trump will do what they and Biden have done. Quintessential Leftism. They change the rules when they are in power, then hope to change it back when they are no longer in power.

Well, Trump deserves retribution. But I hope he only changes the game back to a level playing field. Not that Democrats don’t deserve to get their butts kicked. But because it wouldn’t solve the long-term problem.

That said, I think most Americans agree that putting bad actors in jail should not be considered retribution. That’s just the right thing to do. If that’s done, Joe Biden will lose half his staff, and DC might lose half the DOJ.

I’m ok with that.



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