VIDEO: IDF took the fight to Hamas in the Tunnels

Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel fled to the tunnels after the attack. Supposedly Hamas have over 1000 miles of underground tunnels.

I’m sure when Hamas planned their vicious attack on Israel, they felt their tunnel strategy would suffice. Perhaps cause Israel to take pause. But as the terrorists hoard food and water, they only have so much fuel they can acquire.

So now Israel has interrupted their supply of fuel. Without fuel, the terrorists must come above ground. When they do, Israel gets the chance to pay whack-a-mole.

Still, Israel isn’t ignoring the bottom-feeders in their quest to get those who attacked the state of Israel killing over 1400 men, women and yes even children. The tweet below shows one of the ways IDF flushes out the terrorists.

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Who let the dogs out?

IDF, that’s who. I suspect soon that dogs will be the least of the Hamas terrorists’ problems. I know if my family were attacked as Israel was, I would hunt down the perpetrators and show no mercy. And the least anyone would scream for would be a dog attack.

But look at how the media has begun handling this situation. Almost all media outlets now suggest that Israel cease hunting the terrorists. Expect those suggestions to take the form of demands soon.

In the meantime, Israel returns to being Israel. Like they did in Munich when their Olympic athletes were brutally murdered, the Israelis found each of the perpetrators and dispatched them. This situation will be no different.

Israel sees this latest attack as an escalation that cannot be ignored. To do so would be suicide.

And despite the pressures of the media and various Arab nations, I predict Israel will stay the course. If for no other reason than to signal to the radical Muslim community that Israel will fight to the end.




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