Team Newsom makes dire prediction for the Democrats

“We’re done here,” exclaimed Gavin Newsom’s wife. That statement has multiple potential meanings. And none of them are good for Newsom or the Democratic Party.

For example, Siebel-Newsom could have meant that she was leaving Gavin Newsom. Few conservatives would blame her. Because it is more than a perception that Gavin Newsom is an irrepressible prick.

Which brings me to the next potential reason for the comment.

Siebel-Newsom might have been forecasting the future of Democrats. Her husband is undoubtedly the heir-apparent to the Democratic Party leadership. Only a fool would not see the orchestration happening, as Newsom even traveled to China for now real reason. He needs international credibility, and in his warped mind, a meeting with Biden’s boss, Xi Jinping now qualifies Newsom for world affairs.

Up to now, New has lived a charmed political life. He’s accomplished this despite a horrible record as a mayor and as a governor. And when confronted with his record in the softball world of Leftism, Newsom’s platitude provide enough fodder to satisfy ignorant Leftists.

Now that he’s ventured outside the bubble, the Newsoms find themselves shell-shocked. It’s the difference between hitting a heavy bag, and then getting in the ring to fight Mike Tyson in his prime. Newsom discovered this first-hand in the gubernatorial debate.

In what I describe as the JV of political debates Newsom did little to prepare. He was too used to debating other Leftists, having no reason to prepare for a real fight against Conservative candidates. In the end, his obfuscations irritated the audience, and presented DeSantis with opportunities to throw facts in his face.

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We have time left, declared Sean Hannity.

To set the stage, understand that the 90-minute showdown between the two governors ended. At the end, Fox News host Sean Hannity, also the event’s moderator hinted that the debate could continue. Both governors express that they were prepared to continue.

“Let’s just do an extended hour. I’m happy to do it,” Newsom said.

With that answer from Newsom, before cutting away to a commercial break Hannity teased an extended face-off between the two high-profile governors to the audience. Then something happened during the break. Because upon return to the debate, Hannity announced that the candidates had to leave for “other commitments.”

Newsom’s wife had seen enough. No more watching her husband be publicly sodomized by the Florida governor.┬áSiebel-Newsom declared, “We’re done here”. That statement ended the chance for a longer debate.

In what most people will see either as a wife coming to the aid of her husband, or the further emasculation of a Leftist eunuch, Siebel-Newsom stopped the humiliation of Gavin Newsom.

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What happened during the break?

Jennifer Siebel-Newsom is what happened.

According to NBC’s behind-the-scenes scoop, Siebel-Newsom intervened on behalf of her husband. She had witnessed the brutal beatdown. Extending the debate would amount to cruel and unusual punishment for the man who hasn’t had to have a real debate in his entire political career. The coddling of Newsom exposed his weakness: he’s an empty suit.

According to multiple sources in the DeSantis camp, including one who is said to have witnessed the exchange, Siebel-Newsom objected repeatedly to the extension. She is said to have barged into the debate room to make her opinion known. And who could blame her. She watched her husband be brutalized, and up to that point all she could do is watch. The time for action presented itself, and she seized it.

Too bad nobody captured this moment on a cell phone camera. But you can bet that Gavin Newsom is happy they didn’t capture it. And he is ecstatic that his wife stepped in to save him.

Did she really save him? Because I think she exposed him. I’m in that camp, by the way.

Let’s see how things look in the polls over the next few weeks. And let’s see how complicated things become for the Democrats as the dam continues to crack on Biden.

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