Chris Cuomo signaled something terrible for Democrats

Chris Cuomo now he openly admits that he may vote for Trump. That’s suicide for a Leftist. Or is it?

Collin Rugg posted this tweet:

NEW: Former CNN host Chris Cuomo appears to be open to voting for Donald Trump in 2024 over Joe Biden. Things are so bad that a Cuomo brother is open to voting for Trump. Wild times. During the interview with @PBDsPodcast, Cuomo said that at least under Trump, people didn’t “want to kill us.”

“Nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president in a way that they’re not now. If anything, there’s more hostility and you can have reasons for that anywhere you want.”

When asked if he was open to voting for Trump, Cuomo said: “I am always open.”

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That’s as close as you get to a Leftist admitting he or she screwed up.

Cuomo used foreign policy as his reason for taking a closer look at Trump. But is that the reason he’s considering voting for Trump. After all, what happens in Ukraine has zero impact on him personally, outside of his taxes.

And why state the obvious? Not only is there more hostility towards Americans abroad, there is more hostility at home. That hostility has much greater potential impact to Cuomo, even with the protection of his gated community.

What Chris Cuomo said without saying is that Leftists have begun to realize just how much hate they have created. And that hate has turned on them.

Say what you want about Conservatives, but conservatism brings consistency. Tradition in the form of the Constitution, the Bible, and respect for humanity. Those represent some of the tenets of conservatism. Democrats aren’t immune to such ideals.

Juxtapose conservatism to Leftism, and you really get a glimpse of the ugliness of the Left side. Racism, anti-Semitism, misandry, and much more are all virtues of the Left. Today, Leftist can’t hide their evil, so much so that even their own now recognize it.

Recently I wrote of the Trump-hating Michael Rapaport who exclaimed, “Trump is on the table!” He declared that he would consider voting for Trump.

“If it comes down to Pig D*ck Donald Trump and Smoking Joe Biden, I’m sorry, I am sorry. Voting for Pig D*ck Donald Trump is on the table.”

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And what of the tech billionaire who voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, but will cast his next vote for Trump?

Chamath Palihapitiya, a billionaire venture capitalist who voted Democrat in the last two presidential elections, has admitted his error and praised the work done by the administration of former President Donald Trump.

“What those guys did was pretty incredible in hindsight,” Palihapitiya said last week.

Those comments came during Friday’s episode of the “All-In Podcast.” Palihapitiya serves as one of four co-hosts for the podcast, discussing economics, tech and other topics.

In the brief clip, he began by confessing that he voted for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then for President Joe Biden in 2020.

Nonetheless, the billionaire co-host had glowing words for Trump.

“Every other president found a way to, frankly, make our situation a little bit worse, specifically around wars. He did not do that. And that is a huge accomplishment that I think needs to be acknowledged,” Palihapitiya said.

The co-host then described himself as a “Democrat” now “left homeless” and “definitely in the center but probably leaning increasingly right.”

He expressed “appreciation, despite the messenger, of the message of the Trump administration.”

And what may be the biggest defection is Mark Fisher. The BLM co-founder proclaimed that Democrats had done nothing for black people. They scuttled the nuclear family, so he was supporting Trump.

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All these people have “woke from woke”.

The Trump resurgence occurred by the convergence of a few things. Mostly Biden’s economic performance coupled with his warmongering to cover for his misdeeds. And we are still waiting to know all that the Biden family have done to hurt the country. It’s the only explanation for Biden promptly putting America in two proxy wars.

One can clearly see that in multiple instances Democrats accused Trump of possibly doing what Democrats are definitely doing.

Back to Cuomo

“If it’s Biden-Trump, look, for me—again, we survived a Trump administration,” Cuomo said during the program. “Would we survive another one? Yes, yes. I don’t think there’s any greater risk to America with him than with Biden. And for people who are now gonna attack me and say, ‘What are you talking about? Trump is, like, this crazy man,’ look, you know, as Patrick says, the data’s the data. Nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president in a way that they’re not now.”

“If anything there’s more hostility,” Cuomo continued. “I’m just saying, existentially, I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency. Existentially, I’m not afraid of another Biden presidency because, unlike many people in America, I believe that the country is much stronger than any individual leader.”

Just say it, Cuomo. The world is far more dangerous under Biden than Trump. Americans fared much better under Trump, than they have under Biden. But here’s what Cuomo really knows. Trump can’t be beaten, because he’s the best choice for the nation. Why else would this Lefty commit political suicide?

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