How will Team Biden take this snub?

If you want to see the lack of respect for Joe Biden, just watch this short video of him at a major event.

The Kennedy Center Honors is attended mostly by Leftists. The event is held in New York City and honors mostly entertainers. On this particular evening the event hosted Queen Latifah and Billy Crystal, among others.

Given Biden’s latest poll numbers, at least 60 percent of this audience is not happy with his performance. That said, Leftists still consider him their president, thus dignity must be shown.

But were they dignified at this event?

In the video, Biden has just finished giving his remarks. Afterward, he greets honorees on stage, as he prepares for the arduous task of figuring out where to go.

After shaking the last person’s hand, Biden turns to face the audience and get his bearings. By the way, note that Billy Crystal was the only person who stood to shake Biden’s hand.

Biden finally finds his bearing and begins walking feebly to the front of the stage (yes, leaving was that simple!).

When he arrives to the front of the state, you will see a couple of people stand up to greet him as he slowly descends those brutal two steps down from the stage. Laughably, Biden’s greeters had to make sure that Joey Demento didn’t do a Louie while stepping off the stage. “One small step for man, one giant ass potential fall for Joe Biden”.

But what I find most astounding is how few people stand.

The video stops before one can make a full assessment. But one would think that after POTUS makes a speech in that type of environment, love him or not you stand as he departs.

However, none on stage stand after Biden speech.

Admittedly the left side of the room has quite a few people standing. But watch the video again and you will see that many do so reluctantly. Then, look at the right side of the room. Hardly anybody is standing.

This room looks like a State of the Union speech with a room divided. But this is not Capitol Hill. It’s the Kennedy Center.

Some may think I’m making too big a deal about this, but I assure you I’m not. These are the types of observations that provide real insights into how people think of politicians. In this case, Joe Biden.

Keep in mind that earlier, Joe Biden described himself as “the enemy”.

As I’ve stated many times now, Joe Biden is done. Democrats who support Biden see everything we discuss about the man on full display, including his most recent “helicopter incident”.

Biden is physically unable to do the job of president, his physical condition finally catching up to his mental incapacity.

I keep saying these days that I hope I’m wrong. I pray that Democrats continue to put Biden front and center. I’d love to see Biden make it through a grueling primary and face Trump again in a real election.

Over the next few months, Biden physical and mental continue will deteriorate fast. And Democrats will be left as a shell of a shell. America and the world will see just how evil Democrats are to prevent Trump from serving his rightful second term. To offer this country a mental and physical basket case says much about their party.


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