Fani Willis Just Added to her already MASSIVE Problems

I will say what most are afraid to say. Fani Willis proves what happens when you hire people based solely on race and gender.

This woman has all the leadership qualities of a vampire bat. And the same effectiveness. Willis is wholly unqualified for her job. She lives in a time when the most qualified people don’t get the job. Many times they don’t even get to interview.

Willis also comes from the Leftist School of Racism. I wrote about people like her in my book, Race Pimping. She epitomizes what happens when you allow ethnocentric racists in charge; particularly those who are willing to follow their Negro Project orders to the letter of the law. And in this case, Willis was the Negro paid to get Trump.

Like the coup of Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election and the fabricated “insurrection” on January 6, Democrats continued to try to set Trump up. Fani Willis is one of four Leftist prosecutors tasked with doing exactly that. And they are all failing miserably.

While all of them have major troubles ahead, Willis is most under fire at the moment.

We recently learned that Willis paid her boyfriend and subordinate to join her quest to unfairly prosecute former President Trump.

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Laura Loomer tweeted on X:

In addition to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis paying her lover Nathan Wade nearly $700,000 of taxpayer funds, Fani also spread the money from the Fulton County coffers to Terrence Ahmed Bradley, who is Nathan Wade’s divorce attorney/tenant.

So basically, while Fani was having an affair with a married man (Nathan Wade), she used $75,000 of Fulton County taxpayer money to pay for her lover’s divorce lawyer’s fees. Her lover Nathan Wade is the landlord for his divorce lawyer, as I have also uncovered that Wade is the owner of the office space that his lawyer Terrence Ahmed Bradley rents from him. He’s owned the space since 2017.

Additionally, records also reveal that Fani Willis also funneled $126,070 to another attorney named Christopher Campbell, who just happens to be Nathan Wade’s law partner.

This looks like potential money laundering of Fulton County, Georgia taxpayer funds by the corrupt, anti-Trump, Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis.

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If you think that adding these co-conspirators presents a problem for Willis, check out her next one.

The wife of Fani Willis’ lover, Jocelyn Wade took Willis to task. Her attorneys put in her court filing the following:

“The arguments asserted by Ms. Wills are disingenuous, specious, and her claimed basis for same fails as a matter of law. Upon information and belief, Ms. Wills has information and knowledge directly relevant to alleged conduct of the Plaintiff that would be considered by the Court asto equitable division of the marital estate, dissipation of marital assets, and spousal support.”

“Furthermore, Ms. Wilis’s implied threat to pursue charges against Defendant and her counsel, based on inconvenient facts from her personal life that are directly relevant to the ongoing divorce proceedings in the above-styled action, is an affront to the integrity of her office,” Jocelyn Wade’s attorneys wrote.

“If non-party, Ms. Willis, seeks protection, it appears that the one she needs protection from is herself,” the filing read.

Want to let Biden’s crook enterprise know your real feelings?

The gauntlet has been lowered. Let’s see if Fani Willis will accept.

In her zeal to get Trump, Willis now finds herself under scrutiny. We know for a fact that Nathan Wade spent money on Fani Willis. He bought her flowers, paid for hotels, air travel, at least one cruise, and other transportation.

And as with Hunter Biden’s woes, the court has bank statements that validate these purchases.

How about that #MeToo movement. Willis has helped at least black men, and dogged one black woman. For those keeping score on the feminism of Willis: Men 4 Women 0

What’s next for Willis and her new problems of her own creation?

Things will get worse. And Willis is about to find out that she’s no Biden.

I love when the people who set traps to get Trump ensnare themselves. As I’ve stated for years, Trump is the most vetted man on the planet. There is nothing to get him on, except loving America.


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