Hunter Biden throws himself at the mercy of Republicans

My stock tip for this year: invest in crow. Because Democrats will be serving themselves lots of it.

Almost all the former conspiracy theories proved to be true, and now the people in the Party of Lynching of Negroes must pay the price.

Despite all the protections availed to Hunter Biden, he must finally face the music. After thumbing his nose then mooning Congressional Republicans, Hunter Biden now begs for mercy.

In 2022, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon was held in contempt of Congress. Bannon refused to testify before the kangaroo court known as the January 6 Committee. Bannon was prosecuted, found guilty, and sentenced to four months in prison.

While Bannon is no Biden, he’s high profile enough to make the point of a potential dual system of justice. And that’s what Democrats don’t want Americans to realized.

What will the Biden Department of Injustice do?

Given what happened to Bannon, the Biden Department of Injustice has little choice but to prosecute Hunter Biden on contempt charges. Thus, Hunter Biden would need to serve time as Bannon did.

Will AG Merrick Garland do what’s expected by Leftists, and refuse to enforce the law? Or would Garland go ahead with the prosecution, then pull a “Ray Epps” and give Hunter Biden a slap on the wrist with no jail time?

Hunter Biden went to Capitol Hill and held a press conference where he played Tommy Toughass. Next, he then crashed a House hearing being held on his contempt charges. Both acts showed disdain for the legal system, particularly in light of the fact that Hunter Biden is guilty.

Neither option is ideal and Garland won’t simply do the right and legal thing.

Refusing to prosecute Hunter for violating a congressional subpoena will buttress Republican allegations of a two-tiered justice system protecting the well-connected Bidens. No optics can help Democrats if they make this choice. But if Garland goes legit and prosecutes Hunter Biden, then he will impact his father’s campaign, at least temporarily. And a Biden perp walk would be devastating for Joe Biden and the DNC.

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The dust has settled and Hunter Biden sees the error of his ways. So now the begging begins.

In a letter to both the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, Hunter Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell declared that if a new subpoena is issued, Hunter Biden will comply with it.

Say what? Kid Defiant got his wings clipped? By whom. How does Hunter Biden go from storming the House chambers to becoming Comer’s b*tch so quickly?

And what are the terms Hunter Biden’s legal team is willing to abide by?

Well, previously Biden’s legal team informed the world that Hunter would only testify in a public hearing. They played hardball, trying to dictate the terms of his appearance and limit him from the scrutiny of a private deposition. But now there is a change of heart.

Hunter’s legal team did try to add one wrinkle.

They now claim that those subpoenas issued by the House to Hunter Biden were “legally invalid” because they preceded the formalization of the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Rather than accepting Mr. Biden’s offer to voluntarily sit for a public hearing, you are now seeking to have the full House find him in contempt based on subpoenas for a deposition that you issued on November 8 and 9, 2023. I write to make you aware (if you are not already) that your subpoenas were and are legally invalid and cannot form a legal basis to proceed with your misdirected and impermissible contempt resolution. And you two, of all people, should know that is the case.

As you recount in your contempt reports, in 2019, when the Democrats held the majority, they similarly issued impeachment subpoenas before the impeachment inquiry of former President Trump was authorized by a full House vote. The basis at that time was then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s September 24, 2019, statement that “the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry” into then President Trump’s conduct and that she was directing committees to proceed to obtain information for that purpose. You even cited Speaker Pelosi as precedent for your latest actions.

This is why you hire high-priced connected lawyers. They can spin enough BS to power a city.

Hunter Biden blinked in this game of chicken. Somebody told to straighten up and fly right. And not Daddy, but the people who run Daddy.

I’m surprised he didn’t use the “I’m a crackhead” excuse. No, he could plead “Affluenza”, given his wealth at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Now the fun begins as we watch Hunter and the Joe Biden narratives unwind.

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