Krispy Kreme Christie drops out

Not that it matters, but Chris Christie dropped out of the presidential race. His exit equates to the impact of second-hand smoke on global climate change.

The news was reported as follows:

Chris Christie suspended his 2024 presidential campaign Wednesday night in yet another sign that Republican resistance to front-runner Donald Trump is melting away as the former president barrels toward his party’s nomination for a second term in the White House.

“It’s clear to me tonight that there isn’t a path for me to win the nomination,” he told supporters at a campaign event in New Hampshire, dropping out before voting starts in the Iowa caucuses next week.

I chuckle at the idea that Christie ever thought he had a “path to win the nomination.” Like all the other candidates running against Trump, Christie’s candidacy showed desperation of the Republican establishment. A hopeful chance that a dark horse could defeat Trump.

Fail. Actually no matter which candidate they picked, massive fail.

Now, Christie hopes that his departure will give one of the other loser candidates enough momentum to catch Trump. And in his departure, Christie took a parting shot at former President Trump:

“I am going to make sure that in no way do I enable Donald Trump to ever be president of the U.S. again, and that is more important than my own personal ambition,” he added.

What ego. The idea that Christie thinks he has that much pull is laughable. What has his personal ambition gotten him on the national scale? The nickname of Krispy Kreme Christie.

Who will he endorse?

Not that it matters, but Christie’s votes will go somewhere. Interestingly, the man who will do anything to thwart Trump hasn’t endorsed anyone as of yet.

Who will grovel for Christie’s minuscule support? Will it be Ron DeSantis? Rumor has it that DeSantis will scuttle his campaign in a matter of days. As for Nikki Haley, well Christie doesn’t have much faith in the media’s new hard-charging darling. Christie was caught on a hot mic Wednesday where he revealed his real feelings about Nikki Haley. Let’s say that she won’t use what he said in any campaign commercials.

Christie was caught saying to an unidentified man in Windham, NH,

“She’s going to get smoked. And you and I both know it. She’s not up to this.”

There is no such thing as a “hot mic”. In media you are told “The mic is always hot”. Christie knew that he was saying, and Christie is right. Haley will get smoked.

Remember when Ramaswamy got under Haley’s skin?

The host implied that Ramaswamy took a shot at Haley over her Christianity. However, Ramaswamy declined the bait. Instead, he said he questioned Haley’s authenticity.

And why not. After all, Haley said she wouldn’t run for the presidency if Trump ran. So she’s either a liar or a typical politician. Either way, that’s not good for the country.

Ramaswamy was correct in that Haley’s authenticity is the deeper issue. Because many people question her conservatism. She uses identity politics with the grace of a political ballerina. She’s particularly adept at using the “woman card”.

Ramaswamy complained that this nonsense has pushed America to the breaking point. Further, he chastised Republicans for playing the same game as the Leftists.

Then Ramaswamy using a classic debate tactic: use the opponent’s words (or actions) against her. In this case, Ramaswamy quoted Haley from a previous debate where she declared, “Only a woman can get this job done.”

Haley can’t beat Trump, and neither will any other Republican candidate. And using Christie’s warning, any Democrat will get smoked was well.

Good riddance to Christie.

I’m glad Christie is gone. He was a nuisance who had one job that he couldn’t do well. What will he do next?

So now he can hit the media circuit and continue bashing Trump. It only helps Trump solidify his base, when RINO clowns like Christie drone on about Trump. Particularly when you consider the current Democrat alternative.

Not supporting Trump means supporting Biden. It’s that simple. And who could really want to support Biden?


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