Obama Judge Dismisses Cases Against Trump

Democrats and other Leftists are so afraid of Trump their lies have become more spectacular.

Take E Jean Carroll’s case for example. The cliff notes are as follows:

  • Carroll doesn’t remember the year of the supposed assault. I’m no expert, but the little I know of such traumatic events, one would think the victim would remember the YEAR, if not the actual date and time.
  • Aside from the fact that Trump denies even meeting the skank, you have to believe they stole away to a department store dressing room during business hours for the romp that lead to the alleged assault. As I stated on my radio show, dressing rooms are open to the public, so she could have screamed or anything and people would have been within moments of rushing to her defense.
  • Carroll herself is a Trollip to say the least. Her stories of sexual conquests would make Bob Guccioni, the publisher of Penthouse blush.
  • In her own interviews, Carroll admitted she had no grounds to sue Trump. It’s because you can’t win a lawsuit against something that never happened.

Interestingly, Carroll was cajoled into suing Trump, decades after the non-incident occurred. Imagine what this verdict does for men in general. America learned nothing from the Kavanaugh hearings, although when Trump appeals and wins, I suspect Leftists will need to rethink their strategy of ruining alpha males. Remember how the Stormy Daniels case ended up. I envision the same fate for lying skank E Jean Carroll.

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Moving on from the Skank Recap

In yet another desperation move related to the Democrats’ J6 plot, A U.S. district court judge on Tuesday dismissed most of the civil counts against former President Donald Trump and several others for their alleged role in the death of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

Sicknick was said to have died while defending the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. As the New York Times was forced acknowledge, this was total bulls*t. But they weren’t the only ones with false narratives. NPR reported the following:

But a review of the federal charges against the alleged rioters shows that they did come armed, and with a variety of weapons: stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats and flagpoles wielded as clubs. An additional suspect also allegedly planted pipe bombs by the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties the night before the riot and remains at large.

What’s missing from this report? The fact that many of the “rioters” were FBI and other government agency plants. They were told to disrupt, and we will have a war zone.

Sicknick’s ambulance-chasing partner, Sandra Garaza wants to cash in on his death. She filed a lawsuit last January alleging wrongful death, conspiracy to violate civil rights, two counts of negligence under an anti-riot law in Washington, D.C. , and a claim under the D.C. Survival Act. But she’s suing the wrong people. She should be suing Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer , et al.

She’s hoping that the J6 nonsense will stick to Trump, thus his participation. But if Democrats aren’t careful, they may be the defendants soon.

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Cases tossed

In a surprise move, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, an appointee of former President Barack Obama, dismissed three out of the five counts. This now leaves only the conspiracy to violate civil rights charge and the D.C. Survival Act claim. The decision by Judge Mehta is considered a win for Trump and his fellow defendants.. Nevertheless, the lawsuit will still move forward based on the initial allegations in which it was filed.

The prosecution argues that Officer Sicknick was killed in the Jan. 6 attack after rioter Julian Khater sprayed him with a chemical spray from less than eight feet away.

NPR reported Sicknick’s death as follows:

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who engaged with pro-Trump rioters during the Jan. 6 insurrection, died of natural causes the day after the attack, Washington, D.C.’s chief medical examiner announced Monday.

Sicknick died after suffering strokes, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Francisco Diaz, said in a report. In an interview, Diaz told The Washington Post, which first reported on the determination, that Sicknick suffered two strokes.

Sicknick, 42, was sprayed with a chemical substance outside the Capitol at around 2:20 p.m. ET on Jan. 6, the report said.

He did not suffer an allergic reaction to the chemical irritants dispensed by rioters, Diaz told the Post, nor was there evidence of internal or external injuries.

Keep in mind, the original story had Trump supporters hitting Sicknick in the head with a fire extinguisher, and being spray directly in the face with pepper spray.

Perhaps the actual perpetrators should have to pay? Maybe others who actually incited the crowd to actions that may have impacted Sicknick should be held accountable. But what does this have to do with Trump? You know the answer.



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